Something about the sun shining on Sunday morning. It feels like the energy of God is kissing your face. It reminds me of the greatest smiles I've ever seen; even Sunday dinner seems to have a better smell and taste. When I go to Church I know that the people there are sinners just like me! ( Galatians 5:1 ) But we're on our best behavior at Church, just as children of God should be. I needed to go where I could feel peaceful. I've dealt with the worldly all week! ( Romans 1;28-32) Monday through Saturday criticisms( John 12;40). I needed to hear the Holy Spirit speak. In Sunday School this morning I spoke! Expanding on Nehemiah and his foes ( Nehemiah 2;19 ). Let me build this wall sister Sunday school, I am not trying to impose or step on your toes! Don't frown dear Lady, the class still belongs to you! I just got inspired a little too much I suppose. I haven't been here as long as you.I can't let you get me out of focus though! Not now and definitely not this day! I see you and I believe you would be so beautiful on the outside, if on the inside you chased that storm cloud away! I smiled at you and you thought I was maybe, thinking about you wrong. Don't flatter yourself with that. I thought if I show you a smile, that just maybe it would catch on.

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Comment by Earnest Williams (BossBlack) on October 6, 2009 at 10:55am
If the people in the light can only speak to the people in the light then, when did Christ say that was his way?
Comment by Earnest Williams (BossBlack) on October 5, 2009 at 11:53am
Sunday I went to Church. Have you ever just woke up and felt like there was somewhere you were being pulled to go? I got there kind of late because I admit, I have bad timing (CP TIME ZONE SUCKS)! I had so much going on this week that I woke up Sunday with the feeling that I needed to go somewhere and be in the spirit. It has been a very trying time!I heard a sermon by Reverend Nelson called, "There's no place like home." It touched me almost to tears (I fought them back)! I can always tell when my spirit is tired. There's a yearning there for something that food, money, clothing or sex can't provide. I felt good there, almost like I've been renewed or something. It was cool to see people dancing in the isles and the praise dancers doing their routine!I realized how hungry I was for another touch from the Holy Spirit. Everything came up to try to prevent me from going...even car trouble and arguments! But I was determined to get there. I grew up in church and in so many ways it did feel like a return home. I needed to pray and I needed to be prayed for. I've dusted off my Bible as well, but I have a very long way to climb up from. My Family has struggled so much and sometimes it takes someone to pray for it! God bless any and every one who reads this blog,visit this site and interact with it! I truly wish you Heaven on Earth and beyond!Today my Father, I am lifted into your presence and all glory is given to you!AMEN

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