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At 5:58pm on November 23, 2012, The Apostle said…

I would like to speak with you about these 2 summits.

The Hip Hop Jesus Summit on Jan 19th in Austin.

The Essence of a Woman Summit on Jan 26th in Killeen.

At 7:44pm on February 9, 2012, Kevin A. Vaughan said…

Dr. Eberiga, welcome to God's Internet Radio Network called; Men, Let's Talk!!  www.blogtalkradio.com/menletstalk.  AMEN!!!

At 3:28pm on December 6, 2009, TAN kpan roger said…
Hello to all the new people who joined this wonderful and very large group of praise to the Lord of Hosts.
Let your light does not unpack. For great will always be your joy in Christ Jesus.
Be blessed in the large and prestigious name of JESUS CHRIST.
At 10:51am on October 14, 2009, Pastor Louise said…
so maybe you next move wil be one to The Netherlands:) and win the whole nation - 16 million!solets say youneed to work for a 15.2 mill.


At 4:11am on October 5, 2009, Careca Akarue said…
Thanks for the add and what inspired me on your profile is the mandate to win 25million souls for the Lord. I was commanded to win 1 million souls by 2010, through the mechanism of dead body evangelism, revival meetings, and intl internet evangelism. We have done two crusades and next will be the third. Join us in prayer!! Online we have a partner in US and God is using their site to win souls www.learnaboutGod.net already more that 10,000 souls have been saved. keep the faith and this is just the beginning of great things to happen. Peace Pst Careca
At 6:22am on October 4, 2009, Pastor Kenneth B. Jones said…
Man Of God,

I count as a blessing to have you as my friend.
At 10:49pm on October 3, 2009, Dr. Barry R. Randall said…
My brother you are so right on it! Lets know why we do what we do... Amen!! Thank you
At 6:50pm on October 3, 2009, Apostle Dr. Eliza B. Tate said…

Thank you for the invitation of friendship; it is always a blessing to me to be connected with all of the family of God. May the Lord shine His glory light upon you and you ministry as well as your family, that you remain strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might; the battle is never yours, when you stay in the presence of the Lord--He fights for you! Be encouraged man of God... everything is going to work out--EVERYTHING!

Yours In The Kingdom/Apostle Tate
At 2:44am on October 3, 2009, Snr. Pastor Enoch O. Derkyi said…
By God's grace, we are moving into a new and a bigger property as from the 1/11/2009 and we thank you for your prayers and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
At 12:28am on October 3, 2009, Rodgrick Hickman-Evangelist said…
Thanks for the add:!
At 11:28pm on October 2, 2009, Dr. Barry R. Randall said…
Greetings my friend in christ, be encouraged and thanks for the add....
At 4:09pm on September 18, 2009, Abraham Israel said…
Shalom, My Good Dear Brother! I Love You As My Wonderful HEBREW Brother! In Fact All So Call Black People Are The Hebrew People Of The Holy Bible. When You Study The So Call Black People History And Hebrew History It Is The Same; The Names Was Just Change, You Can Make A List Of All The Names We Been Call And Answer To; You Have To Wake Up And Study The Truth About Our Real Name Of The Most High God "YHWH" Which Means YAHWEH; That Was Taking From Us As His People, We Where Cut Off By Yahweh Himself; (Read Gen 15:13, 1kings 9:6-9 Acts 7:6) Really Read And Study What I Am Saying Am Telling The Truth. He Is Wakeing You And I Up To Wake Up Our Love ONES!

Note: Now Yahweh Is Bring You And I Back Onto Himself, Thats Why His Name Is Being Talk About More And More And More! It Will Not Go Away, It Will Only Get Biger And Greater In The Thy Earth. I appreciate you giving me your time to touch on Biblical thoughts and then also to share with you some of my study and research. Moreover, I want to mentioned to you the type of books that would be a must have in considering to formulate your Biblical Library. Moreover, these are some of the books that would cause one to move from a comfort zone, to an intense Biblical High! Praise Yahweh! Now these are some of the books that are recommended:

1. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
2. King James Hebrew/Greek Key Word Study Bible
3. Inter perter Bible Dictionary(set of 5)
4. Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of the Bible
5. Webster's Collegiate or Random House Dictionary
6. Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale
7. Guinness Book of World Records, copyright 1985
8. Jerusalem Bible
As a Note: The Guinness Book of World Records talks about the letters "J' and "V" as being the newest letters added to English Alphabet, which is post Shakespearean 1630. So the letters "J" and "V" are only 379 years old. Also In The Hebrew /Greek There Is No Letter "J" Take These Bible Tools And Look And See; All "J"s Are a "Y" And All "V" Are a "W" In The Hebrew: Praise Yahweh! We Can Do All Things In Yahweh! It Is A Wonderful Time For Us To Be Here This Day! Note: Most Rev, Preachers, Evangelist, Churches, Artists, Ministries, Prophets, Prophetess, Men And Woman Who Say They Have Been Call By The Most High God Yahweh, Don't Even Call Him By His Real Holy Name; And On Top Of That, Those Who Know Want Even Tell Those Who Don't Know, His Real Holy Name Is YHWH Which Is YUD-HAY-WAW-HAY That Saids "YAHWEH". Look It Up: For Yourself "YHWH" And Then Tell The Truth, If You Are From The God Yahweh Of The Hebrews And Bible, Ex 5:3, Ex 9:1, Ex 9:13, When You Know The Truth Tell It And It Will Set You Free! Praise Yahweh! Great Are U! Note: Gather as Many Different Bibles and Dictionaries to HELP Build Your Library. Praise Yahweh!
Blessing! Your Brother Abraham
At 12:39am on September 15, 2009, Barbara B, MBA said…
Welcome Dr. Eberiga,

Please accept my invitation to add me as a friend and connect with 26,500+ black professionals that are supporting each other's businesses. It is a powerful group with lots of benefits and opportunity to connect with other powerful black professionals and their families all around the world.

This is one of the hottest, new websites on the Internet, called www.globalblackbusinessnetwork.com.
Black people are uniting to network and support black businesses. It's really great. If you’re ready to be a part of a movement that will create wealth in our communities (that means you) I encourage you to click on the link, JOIN and list yourself (for a FREE account) for added exposure and reach for your products and/or services. You can also join the site as a consumer and have access to buy black products. Visit the site and check out the businesses, the brothers and sistas that are a part of this GROWING movement.

Be blessed,

Barb Brockus, MBA
At 10:09pm on September 14, 2009, The Apostle said…
My Brother, I am personally inviting you to " The Apostle Doctrine" Empowerment. It will be in Killeen,Tx on October 17th. Yes this is the actual doctrine that Jesus himself taught The Original Apostles. to know more add me as a friend.
At 2:47am on September 14, 2009, PRINCE LEONARD said…
Dear Dr. Richard Eberiga,

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I would like to be your friend through this website. We are doing ministry in India. Our ministries are mainly focused in the remote villages where there is no single church. I invite you to visit India and do ministry with us. We will arrange the Pastors conference and meetings for you. Please pray for my family and ministries. We will uphold you and your ministries in our prayers.

My Email address is : princeleonard@rocketmail.com

Yours in His Service,
Gospel Missionary Ministries,
Chennai, INDIA.

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