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At 5:28pm on January 5, 2010, Minister Karen L. Ribeiro said…
Praise the Lord Mighty Woman of God! Happy New Year to you all!
I am grateful that the Lord allowed us all to enter in 2010!
2009 wasn’t the easiest of years, but through the eyes of faith, I see great things awaiting all of us in 2010. The reason I’m sending this email... the Lord blessed my publishing ministry with an awesome door of opportunity and we are looking to do even greater works on this year!
Years ago, I wrote a book titled I Will Do A New Thing In You. A local ministry asked if I would allow them to include the book as a gift to women incarcerated. We want to do the same next year.
Write The Vision Publications www.writethevisionpublications.com, is looking to publish a book titled: Women Of Great Faith. I need your group’s participation. The book will be comprised of messages by women of great faith.
The process is simple. With your permission, we would publish a message of your choosing. All you would need to do is submit your message (500 words or more) along with your contact information, in word format to info@writethevisionpublications.com. We anticipate having the project completed by the end of February 2010.
Although we are not in position to offer monetarily compensation, once the project is complete, we will send you a complementary copy of the book. The ownership of your message will remain your property.
We are sure the Lord will richly bless you as together we bless His people. One thing I can promise you for sure…books have a way of going places many of us may never get to go.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 336-997-2359. God bless you and thank you in advance.
Minister Karen Ribeiro
At 10:50am on December 25, 2009, Prophetess Sandra Dukes, a.m. said…
At 4:01pm on December 22, 2009, Remegio CBlanco said…
Dear Dr.Apostle Charlotte L Hayes,

My name is Remegio Blanco, the senior pastor and founder of HARVESTERS CHRISTIAN MISSION-PHILIPPINES. Dr.Apostle Hayes, please accept me too be one of your friends.Love you all.

In Christ,

Pastor Remegio Blanco
At 7:13pm on November 25, 2009, Prophtess Willie Mae Davis † gave Dr. Apostle Charlotte L Hayes a gift
At 11:34am on November 4, 2009, Dr. Apostle Charlotte L Hayes said…
Greetings to all of you, it is a tremendous season to enjoy the great work in the kingdom and to consider that we are victorious in all that we do. i believe when we begin to exercise the authority of the living God, we will be built with the strength of the one that is the Living Word of god. As we have sought him whothye living Word of God, he will surely be revealed to us like never before, and then we shall all be established.

If you are in the midst of a battle today , know that trails and test locate a person. In other words they help to determine where yoyu are spiritually. they really reveal the true condition of our heart. Know how you react under pressure is how the real you reacts.
Stand today and join others that have built their lives on God's revealed Word, not what others say or what you are going through. Keep on seeking the Lord, echoing his words and listening to what God has illuminated in your heart. Heb 12:26-27 He has promised , saying " Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven." Now this, "yet once more, " indicates the removeal of those things that are being shaken , as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.
At 9:05am on October 21, 2009, Gloria Eldridge said…
“Comforting others with the comfort, I myself have received from God”. 2 Cor. 1:4

“Going Extra Mile Ministries (GEMM)
2000 West 7th Avenue, Gary, Indiana 46404 - 219-882-2311 or 219-902-3989 - evggem@aol.com

How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel and bring glad tidings of good news! My fellow laborers in the gospel of Christ, we are living in the last days, and they are evil ones. It is critical that we move with urgency, that we compel all that have an ear towards the sound from heaven, “TO GET RIGHT AND PREPARE FOR HOME”.

Through the tragedy that has befallen households worldwide, including the home of Pastor Gloria, (SON LOST THROUGH VIOLENCE) God is calling for us to “To Get Right and Prepare for Home”. By whatever, and through whatever means, we that are called by His name, are to sound the alarm, cry loud, spare not, and warm the people of the danger of not being prepared for the eternal destination, for this is not our home! If God has put this kingdom message in your spirit, partner with me as we prepare a generation and not fixate on a congregation, so that they can be ready to go home, FOR REAL!!!

Pastor Gloria was licensed in 1995, and ordained as the first female minister in 1998 by her Pastor, Rev. Asher Harris at Great Band MB. Church, Gary, IN. In 1996, Rev. Eldridge stepped out on the ministry vision that God gave her and Sister Sister “Total Body Ministry” was birthed out, and from this ministry a yearly week long “Keeping The Fire Burning” conference is held. In 2008 Bread of Heaven Kingdom Ministries came forth, where the vision is to build the kingdom, “one meal at a time, through lot’s of love all the time”.
Hospital Chaplian 8 years, Graduating in Mortuary Science, Funeral Home Supply Minister

Pastor Gloria Eldridge

On August 18, 2009 my son, Lewis Eldridge Jr., (Two Ton) age 32 was shot down by what is known in this world as a drive by shooting. Needless to say that what the enemy meant for evil through this tragedy has led me and my family to “STAND” and believe even the more so, in the ever loving, tender mercies and faithfulness of God, for it is in our weakness that He is made strong. (Eph. 6:14)

This is my walk through the “Valley of Baca”, and God has prepared a “SHOUT” in my spirit man, that I may “raise my voice like a trumpet, cry loud and spare not”, a voice that will "break in like a fire and like a hammer" (Jer. 23:29) After watching my son "die to soon" my call has now been upgraded to go the “extra mile” beyond the pew view, “after a "generation and not a congregation", the “SHOUT” will not fall on deaf ears, as it has been prepared by God, to stir people not just to only "give" but to “live” in such a way that God gets the glory for every story, for only what we do for Christ will last. (Isa. 58:1)

I was told earlier by a friend that I was to preach my son's eulogy, but because of what I saw happen the thought was that I might not be able to relay God’s "Kingdom Message" which must be articulated at all times, because of my inner pain. I was later told by someone attending my son’s services that I had indeed preached his funeral (“for we are living epistels read of men“), when I closed the top of the casket lid, tucked him in and told him to get his rest, for all our changes would come some day, and it is a "change that I believe in". How beautiful are the feet of them that “PREACH” the Gospel and bring glad tidings of things to come! (Rom. 10:14-15)

There is a time and season for everything under the sun, and only God knows the real plans that He has for us, for we are the sheep of His pastures, so, “TEACH” us to number our days so we will apply our hearts unto wisdom. I am committed to go with His flow for I am His "Servant Glo" and His “GLOW” is intended to light up the hearts of men so our Father who is in heaven may be glorified. (Matt. 28:20)

As I closed the lid of the casket, our Father will open up the eyelids, unstop deaf ears, make the dumb to talk, and the lame to leap for joy in their hearts and not in a hearse. He has opened up the flood gates of heaven and His message for me is Loud and it is Clear, STAND, SHOUT, PREACH, TEACH, AND REACH, for “I came that you might have life, and life more abundant“. (Isa. 47:7, 61:1)
At 9:46pm on September 27, 2009, Prophetess Sandra Dukes, a.m. said…
At 6:31pm on September 25, 2009, Apostle Dr. Larry Everett said…
At 3:58pm on September 24, 2009, Apostle G. S. Jackson said…
Grace and Peace Apostle, Thank you so much for the extension of the olive branch. May the Blessings of the Lord continue to overtake you through your obedience and as you hearken unto the voice of the Lord our God! Continue to bask, live, walk, uphold, execute and enforce HIS TRUTH!
At 12:08pm on September 24, 2009, ms_consumingfire said…
Kingdom Greetings Woman of God, I want you to know that I thank God for such an kingdom connection. Know that its all about the Kingdom of God. Looking forward to such an anointed fellowship..
At 7:55pm on September 21, 2009, Terry Bentley said…

At 5:50pm on September 17, 2009, Terry Bentley said…

At 10:18pm on September 15, 2009, Bishop A. Isaiah Jackson, Sr. said…
God bless you! I am honored to be your friend. Thanks for have me to be your friend, I will be happy to share your joys as well your sorrows. I'm willing to help wherever possible. Always keep me in your prayers as I prayer for you.
At 7:25pm on September 13, 2009, Apostle Addie Robinson said…
God bless you woman of God! Praise the Lord!

I am honored to be your friend and fellowship in the Holy Ghost...I want to invite you to come to my conference in October (October 29th thru November 1st, 2009)...This conference is being held at my church in Wingate, North Carolina and I hope that you will be able to come:) I just wanted to encourage you woman of God to stay on the wall and don't come down to see or hear what anybody is saying! Keep the Faith. Continue in the things of God and He will - continue in the things that conecern you! God loves you and I do too. Truly He has shed His love upon you like only He can. You are the Lord's anointed, appointed, vessel - reserved for such a time as this! I pray that I will be able to meet you soon. Until then, be blessed. Please call me and let me know if you are able to attend at 704-207-6681.
At 11:24pm on September 12, 2009, Apostle H.D. Traylor said…
At 9:01am on September 2, 2009, Prophetess Sandra Dukes, a.m. said…

Nat3ddesign Graphics
Guardians Tag Ministry Isaiah 44:23
Sing for joy, O heavens, for the LORD has done this; shout aloud, O earth beneath. Burst into song, you mountains, you forests and all your trees, for the LORD has redeemed Jacob; he displays his glory in Israel
At 7:08am on August 28, 2009, Bishop Charles Johnson said…
God bless you my wife and I would love to fellowship with you. And I also like you to join her site @www.wogdfpurpose.ning.com bless you .
At 9:16am on August 26, 2009, Rose Chosen said…
God Bless you Pastor!
Thank you for stopping by my page showing Christian fellowship, I look forward to the Kingdom connection. May the blessings and favor of the Lord always be upon you and ministry in all you do for His Kingdom.

In His Love and Anointing
Prophetess Princess!
At 1:04am on August 24, 2009, Barbara B, MBA said…
Hello Charlotte,

I love your pics. Please accept my invitation to add me as a friend and to connect to 25,500+ black professionals that are supporting each other's businesses. It is a powerful group with lots of benefits and opportunity to connect with other powerful black professionals and their families all around the world. We are currently in the pre-launch phase, so can you imagine what's going to happen after the launch this month in Atlanta, GA. Please say a prayer for me, I will be attending the launch in Atlanta this upcoming weekend (Aug 28-30) and I'm not a fan of flying.

This is one of the hottest, new websites on the Internet, called www.globalblackbusinessnetwork.com. Black people are uniting to network and support black businesses. It's really great. If you’re ready to be a part of a movement that will create wealth in our communities (that means you) I encourage you to click on the link, JOIN and list yourself (for FREE) for exposure and reach for your products and/or services. This is also an awesome resource to find and buy black products/services from black businesses. Visit the site and check out the businesses where brothers and sistas are part of this GROWING movement.

Be blessed,

Barb B, MBA
At 4:15pm on August 20, 2009, Remegio CBlanco said…
Dear Pastor Charlotte L.Hayes,

Praise be to God!

Pastor Hayes, thank you so very much for you kind words . Amen. Pastor Hayes, please pray for my ministry and my family as we're praying for you and all yours. Pastor Hayes, i do believe that God will use you mightily for the people over here in the Philippines, Pastor Hayes, looking forward to hearing from you again.Love you all.

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