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At 9:06pm on July 20, 2020, David Chelladurai said…


Praise the Lord, Greetings to all saints...

My son Solomon died in an accident in 2016, from that, my wife still upset mentally & physically and under treatment. My daughter Sarah now going to 11th standard. Past 6 months i dont have job, and we have not paid our house rent too..In May, I was hospitalized for COVID-19 positive. But By God's Grace I got a good job on 10/7/2020. Thank God. Now we have to pay my daughter Sarah's school fees of Rs.53000 ($800 approx). I am not requesting you, but begging you to kindly pray for my daughter, and if God speaks to you, help us whatever you can.

Your brother in Christ
David, India
WhatsApp: +91 9445922904

At 2:13pm on July 6, 2015, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

God's Ultimate Weapon Media And Graphics Ministry

A video presentation of some of my Adobe AE CS4 animated graphics for video/film presentations and ministry promotion.

For information contact me on my Facebook page or inbox me here, on BPN.  My Facebook page URL is:

May the Lord continue to bless you and to keep you!

Rev. Arlee Turner Jr.; God's Ultimate Weapon Ministry

At 3:24pm on October 17, 2013, Bishop James T. Dixon said…

Grace and Peace,  You left me a Birthday greeting a little ways back, and I did not respond.  I don't visit this site often, however I wanted to respond even though it is a late response.  I pray God's choice blessings will continue to overtake you in every area of your life and ministry.

Much Love,

Bishop JT Dixon

At 9:12am on March 20, 2012, A.IMMANUEL BENJAMINE said…
At 7:30pm on November 2, 2011, Lady Vee(DivinelyFavored) said…
At 11:40am on July 5, 2011, Pastor Darryl Miller said…

They Overcame by the Blood of The Lamb and the word of THEIR Testimony

This is How GOOD God is to Them who can Trust HIM

At 8:38pm on April 23, 2011, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…
At 5:44pm on January 24, 2011, Bishop Dr. Innocent K. Segoh said…
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless you woman of God I pray ALL is well.
It would by highly advantageous for you to join us on U.S.A. Network V.A.C.M.I and work on helping us building international unity through your vision.
We would be honored to have you as a member.

 I am certain that your affiliation in partnership would be of great impact to us. So that we can share your experiences, and learn from others' experiences.

This Organization  was created for Pastors and Missionaries around the world to meet and discuss relevant issues, as well as, missionary plan, conference and evangelistic endeavors.
Make sure you checkout web side , www.thefieldmissionofchrist.orgTogether we can make a difference in sharing the gospel across the nations and transforming lives. So if you want to be part just click :Apply for membership
At 1:01pm on January 18, 2011, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…
At 1:01pm on January 18, 2011, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

As I watch and pray, and I look around at what has happened over the past 25 years, and especially over the past five years, I see a pathetic and spiritually helpless population nearly void of discernment. It is a population that has been taught and conditioned to live in the realm of error while being embraced by the governance of a spiritual “big brother,” who is there with polluted religion, a controlled educational system, a false economic system, an abundance of perverted entertainment, and everything else that is needed to make sure that the people get the error right and perpetuate the clandestine plan of Satan. The sad shock of it all is that we are not seeing a dabbling interest in this global enterprise of Satan by the people he seeks to control. We are seeing a fatal embrace of damnation. It is a condition that cries out for the righteous judgment of the Almighty Creator to fall upon a creation run amok. Thankfully, there is a remnant that can see and hear, and these are but a few, which are scattered throughout the world. I have personally met over 15 of you – you know who you are. I am proud to be among that number and we are a praying people who have been called out and have broken free from the fatal embrace of the perverted system of the antichrist…

We are now, in these last days, beginning to see the wrath of God poured out on creation, as the coming judgment of all mankind draws near. Our Lord Jesus told us to lift up our heads for our redemption draweth nigh. We find these words in Luke 21:28. We are also told that there will be signs to watch for. In Luke 21:25 we read, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.”

At 10:44am on December 15, 2010, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

At 11:50am on December 06, 2010, Pastor/Prophet LaFrench Murphy gave PATRICIA KENNEDY a gift
At 12:43am on November 29, 2010, Dr. John E. Apeh said…
Thank you my sister in Christ. May the Lord continue to uphold you in His loving arms. AMEN
At 12:27am on November 27, 2010, DR. ROY KENNEDY FARLEY JR. gave PATRICIA KENNEDY a gift
At 12:26am on October 29, 2010, Apostle Vasiliki L. Daniels said…
Greetings woman of God
Love the Fresh Oil Fellowship, That is straight Prophetic ! Some just did not catch the Revelation of that; you have to Have the intimate relationship with Our Heavenly Father and to Know Him to get into HIS Glory to receive AFRESH Oil to continue to keep Fellowship with Our Heavenly Sovereign Majestic Highness, For HE is LORD.
Looking forward to keep this fellowship open as well. Oct 23, you request to be friend, that was on my earthday (B-day).(smiling)
May God continue to keep you in HIS will
At 12:57am on October 15, 2010, Stuart gave PATRICIA KENNEDY a gift
Thanks, keep blessed beyond measure!
At 12:02pm on September 24, 2010, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…
God's Ultimate Weapon DVD Promo Spot #1

Another promo of the upcoming God's Ultimate Weapon DVD coming on December 25, 2010. This particular video project was built using 3 seperate AE CS4 comps which have their own, seperate subcomps. These are the three, seperate comps:

1. Incubus Logo Comp from VideoHive
2. Halley's Twins Logo Comp containing 5 subcomps, with 2 source files, Advance 3d Plug-in and 13 effects.
3. Nostalgic Design Comp built in Brazil by "YoCreative".

The entire project assembled and rendered in HD 1080P using Sony Vegas 9.0. The soundtrack built by God' Ultimate Weapon ministry using ProScores by Video CoPilot...
At 8:05am on September 21, 2010, BISHOP DR DAVID OFORI said…
At 3:20pm on September 14, 2010, Eld. Pastor Earl D Whitty said…
may God Bless and keep you. Thanks
At 1:15pm on September 11, 2010, DR.CYRIL WARMHONEY O. said…
Beloved i personally invite you to join us as we labour in the presence of the Lord. till prayer takes over the earth as water takes over the sea.Join vision World Intercessors Prayer Network LET US PRAY TOGETHER.

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