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At 1:49am on September 4, 2011, Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams said…
At 11:57am on January 23, 2011, New Deliverance Outreach Center said…
At 8:46pm on July 5, 2010, William J. Bass said…
This is Pastor William Bass, senior pastor of Praise Covenant Christian Center in Springfield, VA. I am inviting you to ck out our new 24/7 online gospel radio station. Go to After you have checked it out please e-mail me bk with your comments and thoughts at looking to hear from you soon. Have a blessed day.
At 10:26am on October 10, 2009, Dr. Jean Howard-Hill said…
Subject: A Need For Men and Women of God in Politics!

Dear Preachers and Those in Ministry:

I need some bold preachers to go with me into the lion’s den!

I am a veteran African American Republican who in 1979, God sent into the Republican Party to bring about change and to bring down the walls of prejudice and call the party back to the place of its original birth as the Party of Lincoln.

This has not been an easy battle. I have shared those experiences in the book I wrote, Black Eyes Shut – White Lips Sealed ( Yet I have stood against all odds, and now it is time to take it to the next level.

What I have seen is that the racism, mean spiritedness and the foolishness that is within the Republican Party is mostly at the top. Those who rise to the top, in most cases are the perpetrators. But when you go to the grass roots level, this almost is not there or it is in lesser degrees. Many at the grass roots level are those who believe what we believe, work with us and even share sweet fellowship. However, when you begin to get involved at the party level, this is where the demons of racism rear their heads and stand as gatekeepers.

Having taught American Government, State and Local Government and International Politics and Culture of Non-Western Countries as a political science professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I understand government at all levels – even globally. I know what it will take to break the hold and to get pass the political gatekeepers. Sit-in and protests will do absolutely nothing! Even prayer alone will not suffice. But with the power of prayer, as well as the wisdom of God, we have to move into both parties and carve out a place for ourselves as Americans, if we want to share in America’s political power base. Yes, this means moving even into the Republican Party.

As the national chair for the Black Republican Women Organization, I began back in 1987 recruiting African American women into the GOP, who were not willing to be tokens, but who could retain their blackness.

Presently, I head the National Republican African American Caucus. It is a unique republican organization because it allows African Americans to be a part of a collective body that can and will bring about change. Our goal is 1.5 million by 2012, and 500,000 in 2010. You may ask why so many? It is because political strength is in numbers! In politics, believe it or not, it has very little to do with color. It has to do with numbers and the ability to write the check. If you can show you have a substantial number of people who can stand as a voting block, and have the ability to finance your own cause, then you become a significant player within the political landscape. This is the ONLY way that we gain and retain political power. This is how we as African Americans get to the table, have a voice and place ourselves in appointed and elected positions. This is how we stop some of the foolishness that is going on in politics.

As an African American Republican, I proudly voted for President Obama in the general election. But his ability to win was because he was able to get beyond the gatekeepers and become a political player within the Democratic Party. Now we have to do the same thing within the Republican Party!

Having said all of this, I need men and women of God who will join with me to fulfill this mandate, and will join the NRAAC and even begin local caucuses. I don’t want everyone! Because it is important to remain political players in both parties. We need to be in the Democratic and Republican parties. I just need a significant number of praying people, and those who are strong and can take a stand for what is right to come into the Republican fold, so that our voices are heard.

I ask you to go to the NRAAC website at and see what we are all about. Then pray about this and see if you are one of the ones who God is saying, “I call you to take a stand on the other side (the Republican Party), so that you can make a difference.”

Also see if perhaps God is calling you to serve in a leadership capacity. In November, we will be making new appointments of regional and state chairs, and advisory board and national board members. If you are interested, and decide to become a member, you may submit your name, bio/resume for consideration.

I look forward to those of you who are godly and truly believe in justice and compassionate, yet self-responsibility and responsible government, joining our ranks!

…And for those of you who already are Republicans, we welcome you to the family of African American Republicans.

Let’s ALL go forth, and make a positive difference regardless of which party we are in!

Feel free to e-mail me at or, and to pass this e-mail on. Tennessee also has a state caucus at The websites for other states should be up by the end of October 2010. We welcome members from all states!

Look forward to hearing from you and even seeing you at the April 9th – 10th NRAAC Conference. Our theme: Setting the Republican Agenda to Include People of Color.

In His Service,

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill, Nat’l Chair
At 9:59am on September 4, 2009, Evangelist UG said…

Evangelist Ug
At 10:30am on April 9, 2009, Pastor Reginald Boyce said…
God Bless you man of God. I pray that all is well on your end. Keep preaching the word and keep on achieving. Phi V PI


R. Boyce
At 11:27am on February 2, 2009, Diana Knight said…
Wonderful, Hang on in there.

Be Blessed!!!
At 6:44am on February 2, 2009, Ryan D. McDonald, Sr. said…
Man, I am still blown away!
At 4:36pm on February 1, 2009, Diana Knight said…
Hey Delbert:

Where are you? I hope all is well with you and that you are still preaching up a storm.

Be Blessed!!!

Pastor Diana Knight
At 5:53pm on January 22, 2009, Rev. Larry Davidson Jr said…
Preacher, how are you. I hope that you are continuing to enjoy your matriculation through ITC. Just saying hello, and I hope that all is well. I hope that you have had a chance to meet some of those pastors there in the Atlanta area; and that they have taken you in and are grooming you to be a great pastor! Stay on the wall and in the gap!
At 9:20am on January 5, 2009, Shalmon T. Radford said…
doc, im not on facebook...but how you doin though
At 6:05am on December 16, 2008, William Glass Jr said…
Whats up FRAT call me when you get a chance hope your exams went well
At 8:49am on December 3, 2008, HOPE - Psalm 43:5 said…
my my my....who knew that a simple question about seminary would become a deliberation over doctrine and then turn into many many filibusters.....LOL
At 8:23am on December 3, 2008, Shalmon T. Radford said…
sup d...its yo boy Rad in KY.Glad to see you are doing well and hope to talk to you easy
At 2:45pm on October 22, 2008, Bishop S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D. said…
Seems like there are a few of us my Brother....but the educated preacher sureloy gets stereotyped, descriminated against, and judged because of a decision to discipline themselves, and with regards to education--at least--walk worthy of their vocation.

Wow, I was steretyped when I was not educated, and now am bashed because I am....seems we just can't win, can we? lol

I would rather be TRAINED and ANOINTED than either extreme alone. I am not sure why folks think that being called and anointed is the same thing as being trained and qualified. We need it ALL if we are going to lead people from all walks of life. In addition, Bro. Delbert, pastoring is more than preaching and teaching. It is administration, civil and church law, finance and business, and the psychological and emotional development of a people. Anointing and calling alone do no make us adept in these volitile areas.

I can tell you this, when I have to deal with the religiously arrogant, the religious spirit, and the skeptic, my education and training certainly do come in handy (AND it makes me more credible and believable).

You're not out here by your self on this one--but it SURE feels like it doesn't it? lol....thanks for the vote of confidence Sir.

Blessings to you.
At 7:03pm on October 21, 2008, Rev. Larry Davidson Jr said…
I hope all is well for you there in the great city of Atlanta. If you get a chance I'd love to put you in touch with one of my friends there in Atlanta. His name is Pastor Michael Harris. He is the pastor of Acts of Faith Baptist Church there in Atlanta. If you've ever seen "Daddy's Girls" by Tyler Perry he has a couple of parts in that movie. A real good guy who went to Morehouse and he just graduated from ITC about 2 years ago. If you are interested in meeting him and his family, just let me know--they are truly jewels to the Body of Christ. I want you to enjoy your matriculation there and if there's any way we can help, please let us know--after all you are a BAMA boy!
At 12:11am on October 18, 2008, Ryan D. McDonald, Sr. said…
Thought you might find this interesting.

Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI)

Sponsored link.

Black Hebrew Israelites(BHI) also known as Black Hebrews, or, Hebrew Israelites are groups of African-Americans situated mostly in the United States who claim to be descendants of the ancient Israelites. Not to be confused with African Hebrew Israelites, or Beta Jews they claim that they are Alpha Israelites and that they are not Africans at all, but were merely sold into slavery from Africa.
They claim they are refugees of the so-called "First Jewish-Roman War" avoiding the holocaust at Masada In 73 AD. In 70 AD they claim to have fled Judea into the interior of West Africa, and sojourned there some 1,500 years. Their Shemetic ancestors were sold by Hametic Africans, to Ishmaelite-Arabian slave traders, who (in turn) sold them to European, Trans-Atlantic Slave Traders in the early 1600’s.
They assert that the Negroes, and Indians of North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean are all descended from the twelve Israelite patriarchs. They use many prophecies in the Hebrew Bible to show similarities to the predicted fate of the descendants of the Israelites in the "latter days". They most often cite the 28th Chapter of the book of Deuteronomy as proof that the predicted condition of the Israelites more closely matches their own, than that of today's Caucasian Ashkenazi, and Sephardic practitioners of Judaism.

African American and African Caribbean Christianity had long developed a comparison of their experience in the New World with that of the Jews held in slavery in Egypt, particularly as regards the Book of Exodus. From the mid-eighteenth century a metaphorical embrace of a Hebrew identity was a major element of New World African spirituality. Thus in 1800 Gabriel's slave conspiracy in Virginia identified themselves with the Israelites of the Old Testament, as was Denmark Vesey's attempted rebellion of 1822. However it was not until later in the nineteenth century that an identification as ancient Hebrews developed from identification with biblical prophecy.

Groups within the BHI movement:Church of God and Saints of Christ: The Church of God and Saints of Christ is a BHI religious congregation organized in 1896 by Prophet William Saunders Crowdy. The members of this congregation believes they are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. In 1906, Prophet Crowdy passed his mantle of leadership to three successors: Chief Joseph W. Crowdy, Bishop William H. Plummer, and Counselor Calvin S. Skinner. Counselor Skinner consecrated for leadership Rabbi Howard Z. Plummer, who prior to his demise ordained Rabbi Levi S. Plummer. Currently, the congregation is led by Rabbi Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr. The Church of God and Saints of Christ has headquarters in Belleville (Suffolk), VA with tabernacles across the United States, Jamaica, and Africa.Church of the Living God: F. S. Cherry founded a Black Jewish movement called the Church of God in Philadelphia in 1915. Theologically it mixed Judaism and Christianity, although the Jewish Bible and the Talmud were considered the essential scriptures. Several Jewish practices and prohibitions were observed by Cherry’s flock. The movement has been reported to survive under the leadership of Cherry’s son, but little information about it has been disseminated.African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem: The African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem is a small religious group whose members believe they are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. With a population of over 2000 men, women and children residing in three development towns Dimona, Arad and Mitzpe Ramon in southern Israel. communal lifestyle, a vegan diet, a system of preventive health care and a claimed high moral standard - - a holistic approach to life. Their stated intent is to live according to the laws and prophecies of God.
In 1966 their spiritual leader, Ben Ammi, had a vision that it was time for the Children of Israel who remained in America (the land of their captivity) to return to the Holy Land (the land of their origin).
In 1967, after a claimed two thousand years in the Diaspora, four hundred Hebrew Israelites left America. According to their plan, they settled in Liberia’s interior to purge themselves of the negative attributes they had acquired in the captivity. After spending a two-and-one-half year period in Liberia, The African Hebrew Israelites prepared to make the last portion of their journey home, a journey to Israel in 1969.
Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge: This group has undergone some evolution and has spawned several permutations over the last forty years. A man named Abba Bivens in 1960s Harlem started the group. It was originally called the Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISU.P.K.), but later changed its name to the Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge (I.CU.P.K) as part of a plan to get tax exemption status, though some splinter groups still call themselves ISUPK.
A split in the leadership of the school occurred, and I.C.U.P.K. lost much of its membership. Although they have physically retained the school, they gave up all claims to I.S.U.P.K and re-emerged in the new millennium as Israelite Church of God and Jesus Christ (ICGJC). Those that left before this new incarnation retain the name of the original school started by Abba Bivens (I.S.U.P.K) and consider themselves to have remained true to the original nationalist agenda of Bivens. They refuse to refer to the messiah as "Jesus Christ", or the creator of Heaven and earth as "God", but as YAHAWAH (God) and YAHWASHI (Joshua).
Israelite Church of God and Jesus Christ: The ICGJC and its various splinter groups can be loosely grouped together as sects which advocate a King-James-Version-only approach to the Bible (i.e. they only endorse the KJV as scripture), the belief that white people are Edomites (it should be noted that other so-called "Black Israelite" sects declare white people to be descendants of Japheth), and claim to speak "Lashawan Qadash" (a form of Hebrew grammatically identical to Modern Israeli Hebrew, save for the absence of any vowel except 'a' and 'i'). The Black Israelites seen preaching on the streets of many American cities are of this cohort. Unlike most BHI sects, the ICGJC is also open to Hispanics and Native Americans, who are believed to be among the 12 tribes of Israel. They produce a television program called "The Hidden Truth of the Bible", which airs on many public access stations across the country. Websites endorsing the views of this branch of the Black Israelite community include

Religious beliefs:
The Black Hebrew Israelites of New York City, a Yahoo! forum, lists the following correspondences between the ancient twelve tribes of Israel and modern-day inhabitants of the western hemisphere:
Ruben = Seminole Indians (Muskogee).Simeon = Dominicans of Hispanola.Levi = Haitians.Judah = African Americans.Dan = Cubans.Naphtali = Argentineans & Chileans.Gad = Native Americans.Asher = Incas.Issachar = Aztec Indians and other Mexicans.Zebulon = Mayan Indians and other inhabitants of countries from Guatemala to Panama.Ephraim & Manasseh = Taino & Boriqua Indians and other Puerto RicansBenjamin = Carribe, Cibao, Arrowack, and other inhabitants of Guyana and the West Indies.
Many Black Hebrew Israelites are at odds over the religious aspects of mainstream Judaism and tend to reject Jewish conversion because of its heavy reliance on the Talmud which has been edited exclusively by European-born rabbis since the 8th century, often superseding the teachings of Torah, and so most Black Hebrew Israelites reject the Talmud, and the Kabbalah as being contrary to the will of YHWH and the testimony of Moses.
The remaining number tends to split along the lines of Messianic, and non-Messianic, ironically inheriting the European Judeo-Christian dichotomy from European schools of thought.
B.H.I. groups tend to reject the notion of returning to Israel, as citizens of the sovereign Israeli government, preferring a more religious and prophetic return to sovereignty a new covenant with their God YHWH.

Racism and anti-semitism:
Because they believe that the Tanakh forbids them from allowing "whites" —Jews of relatively light complexion whom they call "Caucasians", as opposed to Semites—into their congregations, a number of Black Hebrew Israelite groups have been thought of as racist, being mirror images of Black Christian Identity groups to whom the concept of race is unnecessarily made an issue. They insist that these "Caucasian," non-Semitic Jews are not descended from Israelites at all, but rather from Edomites and Khazars. As such, BHI groups have been accused of anti-semitism, a term which they reject as Black people are in fact Shemetic, disacknowledging the fact that, in modern usage and in this context, the term ‘anti-Semite’ almost exclusively refers to antagonism towards Jews.

BHI literatureArthur Koestler, "The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage," Random House, 1976. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book storeRudolph R. Windsor, "From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews, " Windsor Golden Series, (1988). Read reviews or order this bookShadrock, "The Forgotten Israelites: God's Chosen People," Fifth Ribb Pub., (1991). Read reviews or order this bookShadrock, "The Truth, The Lie, and The Bible III," Fifth Ribb Pub., (1995). Read reviews or order this bookShadrock, "The Word, The Israelites, and The Damned by Shaddrock," ISBN# 9694907-3-9, at:

External links: The following hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today. The Israelite Nation at: Church of God and Saints of Christ at: Hebrew Heritage at: The Lawkeepers at: "A Web Portal for the Hebrew Israelite Community" at: Southern Poverty Law Center, " internationally known for its tolerance education programs, its legal victories against white supremacists and its tracking of hate groups." Their web site has three references to the BHI movement:Mark Potok, "The Spreading Flood of Hate," (1998) at: Muhammad, "With Our God and Our Gun," (2000) at:"Behind the Walls : An expert discusses the role of race-based gangs and other extremists in America's prisons," (2002) at:

BHI Forums:The Black Hebrew Israelites of New York City at: Revealed [9] The Original I.C.U.P.K. [10] The B.H.I. Personals [11]

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This essay, with the exception of the list of correspondences and links to the Southern Poverty Law Center  was copied on 2006-MAY-30 from a Wikipedia essay "Black Hebrew Israelites" at: Used by permission.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
Originally posted: 2006-MAY-30Latest update: 2006-MAY-30
At 9:33am on October 15, 2008, Ryan D. McDonald, Sr. said…
What's up
Delbert Vaughn! Man, first let me tell congratulations on your graduation and your continued study! But know that I am still big brother and the brother's words are not ignorance. They are his beliefs. We might not sheere with them but they are his beliefs! Now I do agree with some the things that he talks about. Like the Holydays. They should be celebrated and definitely all point to Jesus as Messiah! Look at this way and he should too! When you go to a smorgasboard there are many types of food there! They give you the chance to pick these that you want to eat. They do try and force you to eat anything! We all have a choice in what we eat and digest! There are certain things that I personally choose not to digest!
At 4:17pm on October 13, 2008, Adriel Saville Morgan said…
Let me tell you, I'm afriad of that man Moreh. He has all the classical signs of a false teacher from being bent on giving himself a title, to denouncing the search and study of the Scriptures. Then to add insult to injury, if you look at his pictures on his page you will find him "preaching" with his head covered. I'm sorry but I'm washing my hands clean of him.
At 9:10am on October 2, 2008, Ivan D. Rolle said…
Hi young man,thanks for the invite to fellowship.You are in position to impact and influence lock it down and explode in your giftings. Be good and faithful unto destiny.IF you are HOI SAY SO. Lets keep the connect.

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