The Alive Ministries with Apostle Jonathan J. Rooks message for today was "The Queen James Bible." He teaches that this bible that is now available to the ga...

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Comment by Apostle Jonathan J. Rooks on November 13, 2014 at 6:31pm

Dear Church Family,

When you are going through trials in your life, and you are at your weakest point, the devil comes to you. To condemn you by bringing a trap disguised as an innocent gift, to set you up for failure. In the beginning you are cautious and not so easy to succumb to the trickery. Yet and still, the devil tells you the magic words whatever that maybe, to make you vulnerable and susceptible to fall for his plan.

Now keep in mind that all the time you are resisting the advances your blessings are still rolling in. But as soon as you hear those words you fall hook, line, and sinker into the hands of Satan. That is when you change into a person that stops completely loving and obeying God. You stop praying, believing, pretty much everything of God.

You revert to the ways of the world becoming a shell of your former self, in other words you aren't you anymore. But one day Jesus pours spiritual water on you and you realize that your blessings have stopped, even the blessings of peace including in yourself. The question I ask you is this, what is your next move? Serve Christ and gain redemption and eternal life or continue on the path of destruction and get a place in the pits of Hell? You decide for yourself and hopefully its life with Christ.

Written By Princess S. Rooks
Bishop: Apostle Jonathan J. Rooks

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