This Biblical Scholars Study Group is designed for the advanced Bible Student and those operating in the Five-fold Ministry. These studies are given with great emphasis from the translations of the Greek, Hebrew and Arabic texts with grammatical and analytical applications.No teacher, preacher, school or seminary can claim to offer the Truth; without offering a complete exhaustive Bible Language Program. Just using word study materials is limited, misleading and surface teaching that never accurately reveal the mind and heart of God. For example in the Greek one verb could have over 300 different translations. Therefore if you don't know the language you can't rightly divide the Word of Truth. As a result you become a third or fourth handed preacher or teacher in the process. Building as oracles of faith the doctrine after Men and not after God. Our Biblical Scholar Study Group reveals the mind and heart of the writers of the Bible. As a result you get the illumination of his Word, first hand. We deal with all subjects and very difficult passages of Scriptures and share them from a scholarly prespective. This study group is for the Glory and Honor of the Lord! "Praise God" This is a ministry of MMBI, for more information how to become apart our study group email:

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