Psalm 105:15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

Don't abuse your anointing and appointment. We are the light of the world a city set upon a hill that can't be hid.

What does the above verse mean? Does this verse mean that we aren’t to question our spiritual leaders on matters of doctrine? Or does it mean something entirely different and is being misused in order to silence critics?

The word for touch in Hebrew is naga. It means to strike, beat or bring down violently. It doesn’t mean not to criticize doctrine or to publicly examine another’s teachings.

The word for anointed is mashiyach, which means a consecrated person, such as a king, priest or saint.

Touch not my anointed means not to physically harm someone that has been set aside, such as a King, priest or saint. David stated that he would not kill Saul, but he definitely rebuked him (1Samuel 24:9-15).

Twisting Scripture to suit their needs is how the heretics get the sheeple to fork over their hard earned dollars so it should come as no surprise that they would come up with a verse to manipulate the sheeple into believing that they are not to question their teachings. This is the case here.

We are all called to be like the Bereans and to search and test the teachings of others. Paul commended the Bereans and consistently exhorted the readers of his epistles to do the same. David rebuked Saul. Nathan rebuked David. Paul rebuked Peter. There are countless other instances of rebuking others to bring about repentance. It’s biblical and necessary with the mess that is going on within the Body of Christ today.

Anyone who tells you not to question a spiritual leaders teaching is someone you should avoid. Any spiritual leader who refuses to answer your questions about their doctrine is not the person you should be learning from. These are false teachers and will take all of your money and lead you straight to hell.

Psalm 105:15 is being wrongly used and amounts to nothing short of spiritual terrorism.

But be assured that those whom God has anointed and appointed who are living right are the holy vessel of truth. Be careful how we deal with the approved men and women of God who have paid their dues to be who they are in the body of Christ today. There is a price to pay to be anointed!

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Comment by Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins on December 29, 2008 at 1:56pm
Bishop, as a young and new minister I recieve what was said.

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