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Comment by Apostle Abel Aureli on November 27, 2008 at 6:15am
In that vision, I saw first the map of Italy, then the area of the province of Frosinone where Anna and I were born and had grown up. As the map faded away, I saw hundreds of people all dressed in dark clothing, walking around and around, but not going anywhere. The people appeared to be in pain, as if each one had a stomach ache. I asked the Lord why he was showing me this vision, why they were suffering, and if I could do anything to help them.

God told me, "These people are suffering because they don't know where to go. No one is showing them the Way. No one cares for them! They don't know the Truth, and no one is telling them!"

Then I said, "Lord, I want to help them! What can I do for them? Please, Lord, tell me what to do, and I'll do it. Send me, and I will go!"

In the spirit, I saw a hand pointing toward the people in the vision, and God said, "There! That's where I want you to go! When you were young, you were ashamed to even mention My name because you were not living a good and faithful Christian life. But now I want you to go back to Italy, and start from the city of Frosinone, to preach the Gospel all over the province!"

The call had been issued and I had answered, "Here am I; send me."
Apostle Abel Aureli

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