Good God Sunday Morning- Early Edition “Wells, Wells and more Wells … Well of Oath “

Good God Sunday Morning- Early Edition “Wells, Wells and more Wells … Well of Oath “

Wells, Wells and more Wells
Are being dug and being discovered
On this Journey
Old Wells are being uncovered and New Wells are being discovered. The crane is turning; bringing up water to quench the thirst of God’s lost and forgotten people.

“Wells, Wells and more Wells … Well of Oath”
Over the lands there will be many wells of many tribes joined by God’s hand
Working together in preparation; of God’s divine plan
No longer will there be separates; No longer concerned with their own needs
This is not of the Father; this is not of the foresee
For the task is too big for one and too vast for the few
A godly irrigation is long overdue
Unity under the Heavenly Father is where
The True Authority Sits
For there will be a massive coming of thirstiers crying for a sip
Whether they be wanderers, travelers or merchants; or deserters in a desert land
Their thirst to receive the Truth and the Father is coming close at hand
If the well is dry start digging*; if the well is dug start cranking; pulling up the pot
Filled with the Living Waters that Faileth Not
Know your tribes
Know your leaders
Know your lands
Know Your Wells
For they are coming


Christopher Brinson & The Ensemble "What If God is Unhappy?" "1997"

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