I thank God for each of you and I pray …
I pray that God will continue to give you the strength and tenacity to continue this race to victory in Jesus Name for you surely have the compassion, hope and courage to fight against the principalities and powers of darkness. I thank God that you are girded by wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Word, that this race we are on is not a sprint quick and swift but a marathon , batons passed stage by stage to the finish line. I pray that as the spectators watch those of us that run, walk and yes even sometimes crawl they will observe and be assured that the power is that of the Heavenly Father because we have surrendered our will to be bonded to God's Will and they will join the race . I pray that by the sight of your endurance they will receive hope and restored dedication to Jesus Christ and come out of the spectators seats and begin to run alongside of you as comrades and when needed give you time to catch your breath and lead and when needed follow you giving support to your back .I pray for your family as they are your support team supplying refreshing comfort given to them by the Father to be that help and helpmate. I pray all this in Jesus Holy Name and give honor and praise to God Almighty for it is already being done. Glory to God! Hallelujah to Jesus for He is beyond our knowledge of His worthiness to be praised! Amen

"I'm Still Holding On" (1984)- Luther Barnes, Red Budd Choir

Good God Sunday Morning Study Two by Two

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