Happy Valentine’s Day – Love Power

Happy Valentine’s Day
Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies

“It’s That He Prayed With Me”
It was not the way his lips brushed my ear as he kissed
it and spoke words of secrets that only we and God

It was not the strength of his fingers which seem to fit the
small of my back as we shared an embrace of good-bye
Or the lingering fragrance of his manly scent that stayed
with me all through the day–

It was just that “he always prayed with me”
Of all the memories of love and its possibilities,
capabilities, ecstasies and agonies - of all these things -
he will forever to me be the essence of the spirit of God
in man

I tell you, it is simply because he knelt down on his
knees, bowed his head, and laid the ego of man at the
foot of the cross and at our Master’s feet; and
surrendered himself to God and he prayed with me.
My love prayed with me.
© Poem from “Learning to Love Out Loud” by Sandra Dukes

(Eros is the physical, sensual love between a husband
and wife.)

God always gives His best to those who leave the
choice with Him. -Jim Elliot

Don’t Limit Your Life to Whispers
Love, Live and Laugh
Sandra Dukes

Give Me - Kirk Franklin (w/ lyrics)
A powerful song I hope you all enjoy! I DO NOT OWN OR EVEN TOOK PART IN THE MAKING OF THIS SONG. i just simply put the lyrics. thanks :)

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