He's Ever Present-Inspirational Gospel & Spoken Word by Kamal

The Creator is always with us. Spoken Word Poet Kamal Imani felt his presence and wrote and produced this inspirational hip hop and spoken word fusion song for your inspiration! Praise God!

He’s ever present and that’s a fact
Reach out to him and don’t hold back

I praise you in the public,
Where most think you haven’t arrived yet
But in my life you’re ever present
Our conversations are private
You are always here
In and around my soul
Your ever present
Please let your power unfold!

You’re Ever Present!

Many people don’t believe in you
Because of their trials and tribulations
But if the worlds show doesn’t help them,
They should change the station
To a higher frequency
Where they can receive your inspiration
Cause I learned that when I quiet the riot within
And talk to him
Is when I receive the greatest revealations.
For you are ever present!

Kamal Imani ©2013

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