I felt a very strong love, a voice that spoke to me:

I have been travelling with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for many years and many have been saved, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit. I have been travelled in my own enterprise under The Centre of Miracles, the voice of grace.Before I was saved, I was an alcoholic and a nervous wreck. Jesus Christ saved me in 1966. I was 22 years old and I did not seek salvation by my self. I was like Paul, when he met Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to me out there on the street at home in my hometown Kristiansund. I was crapulous and miserable. No one cared about me, no one came and told me about Jesus, but he came himself. I felt a very strong love, a voice that spoke to me:

"My son, give me your heart."

I knew it was Jesus Christ who spoke to me. He saved me and healed me from anxiety, solved me from alcohol and nicotine.

There are many things I could have told about vision and true dreams. But the biggest of all is that I am saved by grace through Jesus blood. I love the Lord Jesus Christ.
We had a long lent and during this lent, there where a lot of prayer. My wife Aina let her hands on my pancreas and prayed and the diabetes had to disappear. This was in 2005 and I am healed.
I want to thank all those who have prayed and who are praying for us. We pray daily for the sick and the suffering in the marketing. We give financial support to Jesus Christ Love Ministry, a poor orphanage in India. Do you want to be with us and make a regular amount for the Gospel and for our orphanage children? Go into the orphan home, where you'll find the account number and pictures of the children, for our needs are great. We are also sending out prayer clouds and God has done many miracles with these.
In a period of time since I was saved in 1966, there have been several trials in sickness and great pain.
We want you to pray for us so that God will give us more of his wisdom. Because it stands in Gods words, the wise ones catch souls. And that's what we want, we hope many still have to be saved and born again, baptized in the water and spirit. For my sake, I am guilty to give the Lord Jesus Christ everything. God bless all of you who pray for us.

Yours, Per Einar Jensen
Miracle, Healing and Prophetic service

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Comment by prophetessELIZABETH M FONCHAM on May 20, 2009 at 3:14pm
what a great testimony we thank god

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