Killing the King of Bling - Segment 1 Part 2 in the Forsaking All and Following Him series. Satan is the original King of Bling. Follow the origins of illegal enterprise, ill-gotten gain and even increasing of wealth through the "multitude of traffic". We might believe that trafficking of people, substances and weapons is the crime of contemporary times, but actually it dates back to the original source, satan himself. Though he is defeated, the spirit that produces death, violence and lawlessness lives on. Yet, because of its source God considers it a direct mockery to His name and declares to bring it and those involved to ashes Himself, for all the world to see. The "war" on this activity may not be working, but it cannot escape the wrath of God. But there is an answer ladies, repentance, receive the security of the Lord. He wants to provide for you, he loves you unconditionally.

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