We live in a Christian society where those of us who profess that they belong to Christ are opting to prove such through cosmetic presentation rather than true life demonstration. Because of the profound personal sacrifice and intense moral discipline involved in maintaining a Godly standard, many refuse to accept the burden of following Christ in deed and choose more often to be a casually confirmed Christian in order to escape the trails and persecutions that come with actually LIVING as one who has totally received this great salvation provided to us by Jesus, the Christ. In light of our condition, as a local body of confessing believers, it has become increasingly necessary that we lift up the standard regardless of the cost. Personal notoriety and individual promotion will only reveal obvious weaknesses, by these very weaknesses we know that we need Christ at the forefront of our lives constantly in order to maintain Gods standard for life and to walk in victory every day. The love of God is the filter through which we communicate the everlasting passion of Christ for all mankind, If we love God we will care for His people and accept His word wither its spoken to us through the catalog of scripture or spoken to us in a quiet, small voice. God has been calling to us for a while now but we have temporarily lost our focus, we must quickly return to being diligent in proving the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

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