Magnificent! Somebody Loves You--How We Made It to this Level & Continue to Seek the Face of God daily from faith to faith & glory to glory-seeking to make Heaven our Home---- from the Stewart Family

From our Heart to Your Heart, From Our Home to Your Home.
Some issues come out in this video that highly affect the end day marriage, family, children and singles.
I.e., Anger, Fatherhood, Holy Parenting for hurting Youth, Sexual iniquity, lust, mammon, Abuse, Healing Children and Teens, Deep Root healing and deliverance from undealt with childhood issues, purging from buried iniquity to be met for Master use;
building inidividuals and families on faith hope and love...

Psalm 66 says if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear my prayers....

Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-24, at the end day, many will say Lord Lord, and He shall respond, depart from Me you worker of iniquity---I never knew you. Though you prophesied in my name, casted out demons and did marvelous works--I never knew you, depart!

What devastating words to hear from the King of kings, Ruler and Judge of the unniverse. We must deal with truth!

"Depart" when spoken from the mouth of Jesus, means to be casted into an eternal lake of fire. The new age, inclusionary doctrine & your best life now doctrines--refutes God's Holy Word, leading many into deception & hell.
The Truth of the matter is, straight & narrow is the gate to heaven, FEW shall find. Yet wide is the gateway to hell and many shall enter in. Matt. Ch.. 7. We are living in days where there are Many false apostles, teachers, prophets... seducing countless souls into the ensnarement of satan kingdom- making merchandise out of God's people.

Many do not feel they are a candidate for hell, yet Jesus makes it clear that the religious but lost has no inheritance in His eternal kingdom. Saul was religious but lost, others who knew God, Cain, Judas, many Pharisees.... religious but on the inside lost, workers of iniquity. I.e. know yet this, that the angry will Not inheritant the Kingdom of God, is what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount in Matt 5:22.

Apostle Paul warned of sexual sins within the church over and over again.

We can not afford to walk in our flesh or be decieved. Nor seek riches, but seek the face of Jesus, Matthew 6:33.

What does it prosper a man to gain the world & lose his own soul?
We must be sure that we are not operating in undealt with iniquity. Nor like the pharisees, hyprocritical religious leaders, who only cleaned the outer cup, but was rebuked by Jesus because inside they were unclean, wolves.
Mark Chapter 7.

We share some excerpts from one of our productions and present our vision in a dynamic way--wherein the Spirit of the Lord enfolds the viewers--and hearts are impacted in Jesus--faith to faith and glory to glory.

This is an eye opener video, that will bring conviction where needed helping to free us deeper within the recessions of our eternal souls as we work out our own soul salvation in fear and trembling per Phillipians 2:12.

Jesus seeks to bring His people higher and purify us more, for more love more power more of Him in our innermost parts, breaking all spiritual chains of bondage, bring us out of any and all denial(s)--and setting aside His people- His pure and sanctified bride.

The angels and elders cry out Holy, Holy, the Lord... 24/7

As we allow the Holy Spirit to bring us into all truth and teach us as we meditate on Him as Joshua did and upon Him as our Jehovah Rophe (Healer)--in a spirit of humility--being that we are His workmanship, Ephesians 3:17---

Therein we will not apostate with those whom start in the spirit and end up in the flesh; or start in the spirit and end up bewitched--in these perilous dangerous days of great apostasy per Matthew 24.

Praise Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords!

Please pray with and for us as we embark upon the goals and new & higher spiritual levels against satan's kingdom: for souls, healing the hurting and delivering those bound in inner spiritual chains--by the power of Jesus our Lord!

God Bless You, Your Family & Ministry

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