Pastor A Payton Sr Sermon Holy New Year 2012

Greetings Saints,

Happy Holy New Year! We the Saints at Bride Christian Fellowship pray that in 2012, we together will reach unsaved souls by spreading the word of GOD. Last year, was truly incredible as well as a blessing for our ministry, we are thankful to Jesus our Lord for the 10's of thousand viewers who have supported this incredible work.

As we stated three weeks ago, our new web site is now active,; we hope and cherish to have your continual support. As we stated our website is new, we are asking for your patience as we are still working out the kinks. With Holy and Anointed Love, the family of Bride Christian Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ.

Enjoy this anointed Holy New Year 2012 message by Pastor Payton, Sr. Pastor's involves the March of Israel, after their deliverance from bondage in Egypt. The scriptures used in this message will explain the importance of the being obedient to the anointing, while marching toward the promises of God.

Scripture Ref: Exodus 3-6, 40, 1 Cor. 3:16

Lord Bless and Holy New Year!


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