Pastor A Payton, Sr Urgent Prayer For Pastor Joseph Nanarkhani In Iranian Prison

Beloved saints of the Living Christ, the saints here @ Bride Christian Fellowship are asking Christians everywhere to pray for those who are currently incarcerated around the world, for preaching the message of Jesus Christ Our Messiah. As some of you my know Pastor Joseph Nanakhani, as well as others are scheduled for execution for preaching the 'faith which was once delivered to the saints' therefore, our prayers are much needed in this hour, to ensure the safe release of these born again believers knowing God Will send them back to their families. We will keep you posted, as we know God can and will release these saints...who cry ABBA for the salvation of those who do not know Jesus Christ. Moses told the Saints, 'Stand Still and see the Glory and Salvation of our God, and once this is over....We will too!

Lord Bless,


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