The Importance of Practicing what you preach! Word, Example, people, speech, speaking, power standing behind your sermon for we are the light of the world a city sat upon a hill that can't be hided. practice makes perfect, preacher, teacher, leader, homoletical sound, orator with a clean lifestyle. The world at large is watching the church and it's leaders. Let us all begin to recover from the downfall in the pulpit. All of us should be accountable for the lifestyle we live as ministers of the gospel we preach. Looking out for one another, talking to one another, embracing one another and supporting each other, even in crisis and when everything goes wrong for one. We who are the called of God who should bear each other burden with the grace of God, with the love of God even as Christ loved the church. When one fall we all suffer! Let's whole one another up in prayer always, for we all are as like passion subject to the same falls and success (Bishop William R. Harrell Jr., D.D.) a message for all nationality, race, creed, color and country. A message for the world at large! Religious and Political leaders must govern themselves accordingly, set an example for the world to see. Husband, fathers, mothers in the home before their children. Trained up a child in the way it must go and when he is old he will not depart!

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