Kat Kerr has been visiting to heaven more than 10 years. She also wrote a book, "Revealing Heaven". http://www.heavenvisit.com

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Comment by Ambassador Vanessa Ann on April 19, 2011 at 8:35am
This is one of my favorite testimonies regarding Heaven! Her book is even more revealing! God has so much in store for His Beloved children! Hearing of the earth being a shadow of what Heaven is like! The earth is a shoe box compared to the vastness and enormous size of Heaven! You don't want to miss out on Heaven beloved - pray often, LIVE HOLY, stay in the Presence of God, do good to as many people as you can (this is a forever celebrated act in your honor), help the poor, love everyone, live in peace (remove stumbling blocks from your life). It will be more than worth it!!! You won't miss anything here on earth when you get there!!!

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