When I look back over my life and think things over.... I'M BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED.... OR as the world would say.. I'm a bad mamma jamma!! LOL

Praise the Lord... is your esteem based on what other people say about you or what the LORD God Almighty says?

I waited for Mr. Right not to come and make me right but so that I could make him better.. I'm a RIB!!!

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Comment by HOPE - Psalm 43:5 on May 4, 2009 at 2:40pm
I'm not cocky, just totally convinced that I am what my heavenly Father... my Abba, my Elohim, YHWH the unspeakable name that has spoken and has said that nothing can separate me from His love. He said if I obey Him I am blessed and not cursed. He says that I'm a rib! Glory to God. He says that I'm a wife who is trustworthy...a wife who's husband can trust his heart with her. He says if I wait on Him I can mount up on and soar above all menial issues like a eagle that doesn't flee from a storm but flys towards it so that the winds can push it higher and Higher... NO FEAR OF STORMS. No fear of being in a relationship because of past relationship mistakes. The lion of the tribe of Judah abides within me. My body although dead because of sin is no longer bound by it. The same Spirit that raised Jesus is the life that is within me and will quicken this body of mine to righteousness... and righteous works. I'm adopted and an heir to the promise given to Abraham.

Woe to the one who would dare mess with a woman who knows who she is in the Lord.
Unfruitful are the works of the woman who would dare try to tempt a man who knows who he in the Lord.

No one can bring those kinds of person's self-esteem down unless they ALLOW it to happen.
Guard your heart with ALL diligence. Don't give people keys to your kingdom. Protect the treasure within.

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