Please pray for her deliverance and release..This is a sad story

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Comment by Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins on September 26, 2009 at 3:08am
My prayers are with her in hopes of her release.
Comment by Eric Hancock on September 23, 2009 at 12:56pm
I fell sorry for her,,,BUT,,can I just add how many weman are killed or badly beaten everyday by there PIMP and He never do a day in jail for it!!have we forgotten or do we ignore it?,,not justifying what was done,,But I have mixed feelings for the PIMP,,I was always told any man that can work but instead rather beat and control a woman to get his money is less than a man,,my grandfather call then PEOM ,Poor ,Excuse,Of a Man..if he was not killed he would still be beating her and maybe she would have ended up dead,,So with that said I am in HER support Group
Comment by Cynthia Miller on September 23, 2009 at 10:19am
Wow, this is extremely said and alarming to say the least. I agree that not everyone that commits murder should be given a second chance I believe that it really depends on the circumstances. I to have worked with people that come from extremely dysfunctional families and it's dfficult for them to see beyond there circumstances or to even think that their could be a better life for them. In this young ladies case it sounds as if there was no one in her life to provide any sturcture or a positive influence just imagine if there was. The man had an agenda and he clearly knew what he was doing when he chose her. When you come from a broken home no guidece and the only role model you have is strung out and someone comes along that is giving you attention and doing things for it stands to reason what could come next. It's easy for us who are on the other side and that are older, wiser, and are able to think rationally to come up with altrnative ways in which she could have delt with this situation. This man was groomer her with a purpose in mind so he was subjesticn her to anything other than what was going to altimatley serve his purpose, control and getting paid at the expense of our young sisters. I do understand granting her a parle hearing and prayerfully her release could potentially send the wrong message, but clearly there are extenuating cirmstances that need to be taken into consideration. I believe that she should be given a chance. I believe if given a chance that she will be the voice and the advocate for many and her life will be of public service and she will impact the lives of not only young people but all of us. On a similar note we need to not only keep this generation in prayer we need to get involved. The mothers are getting younger and the grandmothers as well and no one has time or will take the time to instill the values and morales that most of us were raised with. Let's not just talk about it, and pray about it, let's be about it!!
Comment by Pastor Michael Samuels on September 23, 2009 at 9:26am
Sad, a life was taken but you have to look at the circumstances behind her thinking. I have worked many years with young people who came from similar homes and backgrounds. Because some adult has used, abused and seriously scarred them, and sometimes from as young as 3 years old...these young people do not hae normal reasoning skills. She was being trained to be a prostitue from 11 years old and came from a very dysfunctional parent who, I assume never taught her foundational life skills. I think this young woman at 16 thought this was her only way out. Not all people who murder deserve a second chance but I think this young woman has great potential and could be an awesome asset that could help many young women and young boys....
Comment by luis de jesus on September 23, 2009 at 9:17am
Wow amazing story but regardless of how sorry she is a life was still taken. There could've been a means of escape, I don't know since I was there. But if the sentencing guidelines are life without parole what can you do? She could have received the death penalty.

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