It is an event that can only be explained by the seeker. It happens at revivals, tent meetings, crusades, and conferences. It is an experience that begins with the powerful and passionate proclamation of the minister as they deliver words of encouragement, repentance, and empowerment. The preacher's message hits home, provoking in the seeker a desire to confess every fault and right every wrong. This stimulating desire to be honest is followed by the subsequent approach the front of the church, the seeker embraces the minister - tears flowing, and with humble hope, the seeker kneels at the front of the pulpit...a place that we commonly refer to as "the altar". Symbolic of the temple altar of the Old Testament where animals were sacrificed in the place of the human being that offered it to atone for their sinful condition or misdeeds, "the altar experience" has become a ritualistic fixture in modern Christianity. The effectiveness of the altar experience is validated solely upon the perspective of the seeker. There is no power at the altar, just as there is no power in the baptismal pool. Whatever we recieve from the experience is based upon our perception of God, those that come to the Father must first believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of those that sincerely seek Him {Hebrews 11:5-7}! So, it is our belief in God and what He does for the seeker that shapes our perspective of Him in all things pertaining to Him. The altar experience is one of the areas of modern Christianity where the proper perspective of God is NOT taught for edification because, more often than not, the wayward priesthood use the altar experience as a tool of manipulation and domination. Christ, the hope of glory, exists in all of us who have accepted His Lordship...I hope that this small video excerpt is a blessing to you.

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Comment by Evelyn Blacksher on July 28, 2009 at 1:12pm
Romans 12:1? i saw where he was trying to go with this,but he didn't quite make it. Way too little in depth teaching on the topic.No mention of the HOLY GHOST,who is "the keeper" But i did appreciate his attempt.

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