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Comment by John on December 30, 2009 at 12:12pm
This is why we should be eating what God has put here for us to eat but all things with thanksgiving. If we even look at the bible we see that Jesus ate fish and what the herbs or fruit yielding trees provide. Man is about the dollar bill and says "who wants to live forever" anyway. It's hard for most of us to grow our own but we can eat truly organic meaning nothing with pestitcides or animals that have been shot up with hormones and feed unnaturally and grown unnaturally. I praise God for opening up my eyes in 1970 to learn about foods and my what I call "spiritual journey" to show and teach me things. Man is a liar and driven by the dollar bill and not by the Spirit of God. We better/should be about eating what God wants us to eat and not what man creates.

Even when I was on my spiritual journey and studied Hinduism these pagan worshippers understand you are what you eat. I read a book by a Sri Yukteswar entitled "You Are What You Eat" stated this. But we know that pagaism can mix and does mix truth with lies so it leavens the whole thing.
This is a good post Brother Watchman.

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