Greeting to you all that are of the Body of Christ. The Kingdom of God is come, I want to address the timing of God. We are in a time were God is sequencing his people in a formation of order. Many leaders have been under great attack and there is a drunkeness amongst many. I am adrees the apostolic and prophetic governments to hear the word of the Lord. " Arise Shine", the time is calling for enlightenment,inspiration, and illumination to reveal the move and the movement of this present day. We must seek the wisdom and understanding of God. The scripture states look up. We have to seek in the spirit. The Lord is relocating many to raise the up for such a time as this. Many leaders are lost because of the strange way God is moving His people. We haave to remember that God is greater than our traditions and times are shifting. There are places in the vortex of fullfiment that are no loger able to substain the necessary faith and power needed to envoke the glory of God. We have to arise and begin to move min levels of faith with understanding by revealed truth that comes from the Spirit of God. If you be an apostle for this age, God is revealing the depts of wisdom needed to operate in the spirit. Prophets hear the sound and transmit the will of God. Prosperity is good, but there are spiriitual needs  that require us to move with undeerstanding and not just repeating learned dogma. There are some mysteries that God is unlocking within the foundational reformers that receive their Apostolic and Prophetic sucession directly from the revealed Christ  as The Apostle Paul.

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