5,000 Years of Ancient Ethiopian History---Missing from the bible

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Ethiopia is the Garden of Eden of Genesis 2:13, according to the ancient geography.  The source of the Gihon River (called the Nile today) is in the highlands of Ethiopia; people who live in that region of Ethiopioa still call that river "The Gihon River".  During ancient times also mentioned in Genesis 2:13, the original name of Ethiopia is "KUSH".  The history of  ancient history of KUSH included during the first translation of the bible by Kushite (spelled Cush in the bible) priests who translated the bible from 3,500 year old ancient KUSHite scrolls.  Afterwards, the Greeks interpreted the Kushite Translation into the first bible and omitted all mentioned of the history of ancient KUSH which had existed since the time of Adam and Patriots, before the biblical flood. As a direct result, the details about 5,000 years of ancient history is missing from the bible beginning in the book of Genesis (from the beginning of time).


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