Can any body tell me what happened to the display of photos on my page? They have all mysteriously disappeared even the thumbnails in my album are gone. The named and description appears and if I click on that the pictures in the album displays and if I click on slide show it plays but there are no pictures being displayed on my page. Evey when I get a message for you and you have a picture attached. I get the message and see who the message is from but your pic does not display. Even my list of friends don't show pics. How do I fix this. PLEASE!!!!

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Thanks Sister Tricia God bless you for your reply. I don't know what kind of attack this was, but now things seems to be doing fine since I sent out the SOS. by the way i am running firefox the lates version. I think it is 3.1 or something like that. Blessing and thanks for the reply.


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