Why Did Yahshua(jesus) say that moses is the one that accuses you to the father???
John 5:45
Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.
Why did he say till heavne and earth pass the Law is Good???
Matt.5:18For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled
if we are not to host the feast of the lord ,why were they keeping the feast of weeks (pentacost) after yahshua was dead???

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For those who are keeping the Law, Please go kill some animals now in this age! You would be set as an example just like Michael Vick? YAH in His all knowing wisdom has made a new way "we are to present ourself as a living sacrifice Romans 12:1 There is now law for the law condemned, and there is no condemnation for those that are in CHRIST!! Even Yahshua worked on the Sabbath correct? And He stated "my Father never stop working" John 5:16-17... So keep your laws because I am not here to make anyone subject to what I know and believe. I am done with non-changers.. How many people have any of you brought to CHRIST?? Is there any signs and wonders following your ministry, to seal your Truths?? I seriously doubt any of you raising the dead, healing the sick and bringing salvation to many. I boast not in myself but In CHRIST who has saved me from the ultimate judgement... "Daddy I thank you for not holding me under the law." But breaking me free from the law and its works... Blessed is Your Holy Name and Your Holy Ways.
My friend that is not for me to talk on sorry. My works is not to be made public unto man but unto YAH.. Why would you ask such a question? Have you matured yet spiritually. I would say unto you, bring the dead unto me and yes I will raise him or her from the dead through The Power and The Authority invested into me. I will not debate on miracles which are sacred acts of YAH's Holy Spirit...
If you only knew whom you are addressing? But that is why you american ministers have no authority and no power. Because you can't be trusted with the tools of The Kingdom. Raising the dead is not the greatest miracle, But salvation is greatest of all miracles. But the Gospel I bring is sealed with YAH's approval. I do not ask for man's approval. And the only one Yahshua raised from the dead in public was Lazarus and no other. But you fellows are wrapped in religion and dead clothes like Lazarus and if you come visit me I would loose you from your dead mummy clothing you are wearing. Because you are held in some dangerous demonic bondages. I love casting out demons and seeing them scream, coming out of believers!
Brother, I don't see that you are wrong in what you say, but answer me this. Do you believe that the Father was the one who spoke face to face with Israel in the wilderness?
Yes it was YHWH (I AM that I AM) who spoke to His wife Ysrael face to face. And he did not speak to His Bride which is the Church. Wife meaning married correct? Bride meaning getting married correct? So are you the Bride of Yahshua or the Wife of YAH...? Answer me that friend...
Yes. But The Father did not speak with Israel face to face.
You are totally wrong He spoke to Moses and they wanted to hear for themselves, so He spoke and they ran for miles away from His Voice. Then they stated Moses, no you keep talking to YAH face to face for they were trembling from the Voice of YHWH. You have only trick yourself with that question. Read about it..
Believe what you want Mikael.
Your trickery will get you no-where. He spoke to Moses Face to Face. And also Ysrael. You answer this please master scholar? What is the main difference between the Ysrael of old and The Body of CHRIST today?

Thanks, Mikael
I'm laughing so hard I can't get my comments out . . . I'll have to come back on this one!
Please! He couldn't raise a cockroach from the dead.

Why such hatred my friend. Yes I do know about you american ministers wishing so hard to get rich and mainly from your sheep. Build your own natural business and make wealth from that. You have no spiritual power or authority, so you try to seem like you have power but you are spiritually dead. Many of you are filled with demons and need them casted out. That is why your comminuties are fatherless and animal like, because you so-called ministers hate on each other. Yes I do know what you have, you have a bunch of religion and fatherless men that let women lead them. Men are turning to women and women are turning to men. Stand up and make a change and stop with your hatred. Unless YAH will blow out you candle that is barely lit my friend. Drought is coming your way, for you have not discern who is in you midst. I take the Key of David and I lock up your season of blessings for a season. I now shut off the rain fall in your life for a season. But you say, Yeah Right! Mark this day, your day of a long drought, for you haven't rightly discern a true servant of YAH. From this day forward I shut up the heavens over your head, they are now brass and closed. Drought unto you Anthony R. Watson...


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