Hey Mighty Men of God, I want to hear what you have to say about your role in the home as a Godly man.

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I agree with what it says in EPHESIANS 5:25-31
Thanks for your response. Many women have said that agreeing with the word and actually living it is two different things when it comes to marriage. I am a firm believer that what God says can be done, so don't take me wrong. I am single and never had to experience living a married life, however I have lived with my sisters and I mean what a struggle to keep peace. It took alot of humbling on my behalf, but God changed me because I realized that I couldn't change her. Let me know what you think!
THE only thing I have to say on this that marriage is something that is serious and it needs to be taking
serious. Many get married for the wrong reason,most marriage is based on worldly aspects instead of
the way that it suppose to be. Meaning honoring it! One day I plan on getting married but when I do
my wife is going to have a husband and not some one pretending to be a husband.
marriage it not hard. If you are living the word of God,then you will no that God's word is what hole it's all together, but when you got one living it and the other now, then you will lose. Just remember, it is not us that have's the power to change any one or any thing, it is the word of God and the Holy Spirit. Marriage is what we make of it, we are either looking for life time commitment or worldly love. (that kind of love only last a shot time) and is full of trouble. The word of God, give us to no that the man is the head of his house. I have deen married 24 years, and yes; we have our up and down, but in the end God and I have the last word's.
I believe that the Man is the head of the house, and no-matter the direction (hopefuly he's a Godly man) that the house must follow. Not biting his tongue all of the times and compromising and giving uo the right for the wrong. I do believe that in order to be what God intends for us to be we can not afford any longer to be as they were in the Garden. For i do believe that the Godly man sets and keeps his house in-order. For when the man compromised his place to satisfy the womans desire, both became corrupted. So the Godly men must take the lead in the house, and then and only then will our families, churches, and communities be healed.
Amen, amen, amen!
I feel that a man's role as a Godly man is to make sure that he leads by example! I feel like we as mens haven't
stood up as we should when it comes to the Lord. A home with a real man will stand but a home with a boy
calling his self a man will fall. There are few men but many males, we mens need to stand up and be real
soildier for the Lord! A Godly man roles is to make sure that the home is in order!
I feel like a Godly man role in a home should be as a man was created to be, we was created in the image of God
so I feel like in the home a man should make sure the word of the LORD is something that is taught in the home and that everything in the home is in order. See A woman wasn't put here to support a man. She put here to be a help
mate and as a man we should be making sure that our womens shouldn't be carrying the load like they are doing
now. We mens need to step up to the plate and be real men and stop being wimps. I feel like responsibilities is what we
were created for so we mens need to start to accept our real responsibility. I'm talking about spiritually and not
worldy because when you living by the every word that proceed out of the mouth of God everything else will fall in
place because as he said He's our sheppard and we shall not want ! This is how I look at a Godly man role in the
home because if you isn't making sure that the home isn't establish by the word of the Lord which he is our foundation
it will not stand it will fall. All MEMBERS BE BLESS
hey mighty women of God. hey kingdom women, nothing is more critical in the ideal home than the role of a Godly man.is it not the return of the father to the children and the children to the father has the potential and a note worthy prescription for the restoration of all things. and yet with such a divine order in place ,the sovereign God is not limited to the role of the godly man but left in place a means by which the husband and their seed is sanctified by the believing woman/wife. mighty women of God where there may be a disrupion to the ideal, is it not the woman who becomes receipitant to thepromise that she shall bear a seed that shall bruise the head of the serpent.hey mighty women, men are best restored where mighty women sees them as lord and speaks that way even in the face of contradictions. even as sarah called abram lord.
Also 1Cor 7:1 - 17. Godly men have to have order in their own home and I agree Eph 5:22 - 33 says it best.
Psalms 119:33-34 Describes four pictures of a godly man.
What makes a godly man?
How do we identify a person who is godly?

Let's look to this section of the Psalm and see what kind of person we would consider to be godly.

I. Sojourner (119:33-34)

Life is a journey, and as believers we are wanderers in this world.
Like Abraham we are a stranger and sojourner on the earth.
The old song says, "This world is not my home, I'm just passing through."
As travelers, we need directions.
Here the psalmist is seen asking God to guide him on his way, and he promises to follow God's directions:
A. Faithfully (119:33)

1. He sees God's Word as a path to be followed, a sure way through the wilderness.

a. It is not much use asking directions if we don't remember them when they are given or if we don't follow them when we get them.

b. Like most men. I hate stopping to ask directions when driving.

c. What usually happens is that after driving around in circles, I will finally give in.

d. Then when I get the directions, I have trouble remembering them, because I didn't take the time to write them down.

2. We need guidance.

3. We need to pay attention to the Lord's leading and follow it carefully.

4. Even though sometimes the Lord's leading seems contrary to what our own thoughts on the matter might be.

5. God does not promise us an easy path to Heaven, but He does promise us a safe one.

6. So the psalmist prays, "Teach me the way of Thy statutes."

a. Not just His statutes, but the way of His statutes.

b. He is determined to follow that way faithfully no matter how difficult the road.

c. He is a sojourner in a hostile world and needs God's leading home.

B. He also promises to follow God's directions fully (119:34)

1. Understanding is better than knowledge.

a. A man can fill his head full of knowledge and still have no real understanding of what he is doing.

b. Here is knowledge: "The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two sides containing the right angle."

c. In high school geometry I had to get before the class and prove that.

d. But there are many carpenters who know that a 3/4/5/ triangle is a good way to make a square angle, but do not understand why.

e. In college I worked with a fellow student and we put in concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks.

f. I learned that a yard of concrete will cover an area approximately 20' x 4' at 4" thick.

g. I was challenged on that one day, and had to sit down and prove that it was true.

h. I had the knowledge, but not the understanding.

2. We have knowledge of God available to us by reading the Bible.

3. But that does not mean we understand biblical principles.

4. However, meditation on God's Word will give us understanding.

a. Behind all God's commands are two goals God has in mind.

b. One has to do with our good-God never has anything else in mind for us than that.

c. The other is His glory, God always acts in ways that reflect His glory.

d. When we have understanding of God's Word, we will follow His direction faithfully and completely.

II. Soldier (119:35-36)

Life is not only a journey, it is a battle.
The psalmist realized that if he was to keep his life in line with God's Word there would be a struggle.
A. The Discipline Needed (119:35)

1. Imagine having to ask God to make us to do something we love doing.

2. We do not have to make a child eat ice cream! We might have to make him eat spinach or parsnips but we have trouble keeping them away from the cookie jar.

3. We might have to make them practice their piano lessons, but we won't have to force him to run and fetch our wallet when we get ready to give them their allowance.

4. So why must we be made to go in the path that we delight in?

a. We are not one person but two.

b. There is "the old man" and there is "the new man."

c. Note: Romans 7:22-23

d. The new man loves the path of God's commandments; the old man doesn't, so the fight is on.

e. As a result we tend to swing back or and forth like a pendulum.

5. The psalmist says, "Lord, I need a discipline. higher than anything I possess. I need You to make me to go in the path of Your commandments."

6. That is the mark of a true believer.

7. That is the difference between the prodigal's going-away petition and his coming-home petition: "Father, give me," and "Father, make me."

8. The psalmist wanted God to make him obedient.

B. The Desire Needed (119:36)

1. The psalmist has just told us that he delights in God's law.

2. But he needs that to be reinforced and strengthened. Incline means to establish a pattern; a predictable pattern; be programed; to be habitual. Covetousness means want without need; it is our natural inclination.

III. Servant (119:37-38)

A. A Discerning Servant (v37)

One law of spiritual victory we need to learn is to look the other way. A great deal of temptation comes to us through our eyes. Sinful things have great attraction for us. The song and advertising jingle, "Just one look…that's all it took". That is why the psalmist wanted his eyes to be controlled. 'Quicken thou me' He was asking God to make him alive to His way. He wanted inner strength to keep his eye on the Master.

B. A Devoted Servant (119:38)

This is a healthy master-servant relationship.

The servant must stand in awe of his master, must hold him in respect, must measure the distance between them. There are at least three ways we can read the Bible.

There are those who read it and forsake it…rebelling against God's Word. There are those who read it and forget it…they simply allow it to be crowded out of their lives. Then there are those who read it and fear it… It gets a hold on them. The psalmist takes his stand with those who fear God's Word, with those who have healthy respect for it.

IV. Saint (119:39-40)

A. God's Word Will Make Him Good (39)

The word reproach means "scorn" or "contempt." He wanted to be good; he wanted the goodness of the Word of God to become evident in his life. God never asks us to do anything wrong, anything bad, anything not good. God's commandments are good because He is good. His commandments are for our good, and further, they are designed to make us good.

B. God's Word will also make him godly (40)

The psalmist did not want merely to be good, he wanted to be like God Himself. He longed after God's precepts, longed to live the kind of life set forth in God's Word. We can only become godly, by living in obedience to His Word. When we live in His Word, we are living in His righteousness.

What are we to be if we are to be godly? We are to be like a:

Sojourner who needs direction from the Word.
Soldier who battles to keep his life in line with the Word.
Servant who seeks to serve the God by obedience to the Word.
Saint who is empowered to live righteously by the Word.
man is the head of the family and leader who does not have someone following him is just on a long walk leadership commandes followship. when one is married it must pgf to put God first in everything you do it is a life long commitment to God and your mate so if mess up and you are faithfull then the lord wont bless my mess up but he will bless your faithfulness if the bible is right and it is then some one is wrong we must stay with what is right


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