Hey Mighty Men of God, I want to hear what you have to say about your role in the home as a Godly man.

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First giving honor to our Lord&Savior Jesus Christ. I feel like as Godly mens a man role is to make sure that the ways of the Lord is taught and instilled in the home.Prayer must be the main focus in the home because without pray and Jesus there isn't any home.We as Godly man must also set a example in the home also because if we are confessing to be Godly men then we must show ourself Godly.Also as a Godly man we must be that foundation that will keep the house steady so that it won't fall. As a foundation is a supporter for a house to stand so is a man that is a foundation for his family and  in the  home, so we must be like the mens that God created us to be and that is to make sure that his word be spreaded and taught in our homes.And most of all to make sure that our home is in order no matter what because our family depend on us to provide the support and security they need.
Good point Tim.....thought provoking.
To be the head of the household as well as the protector meaning leaning on God first, continually building the relationship with my wife and after that our children.
Amen Mighty Man of God!
Bless your heart sister,

if he is married, he need to love his wife as Christ love the church. He must be a father to his children. He must provide and protect his family. He must have family devotion. He must pray and study God's word. He must be a good steward. He must help around the house; cook dinner sometimes, help with homework sometimes, and clean. He must give back to the community. He must reach out to a younger male and teach him the way.
Can he really love his wife as Christ love the church? Do we see that in the body of Christ today?
A man's role in his home should be in line with God's will for that role as found in His word. Ephesians 5:24-33 clearly states the man's role in terms of his wife and home. That role should mirror the role Christ occupies for His church. It is a life giving and imparting role. It is a role of provision whereby the man does in fact provide for his family. Also, the man should be a giver of his total self (life, blood, time, talent, energy) to his home. A man's role in his home can be lived out at its zenith, when that man is totally and willfully committed himself (his ways, attitude, intention, and purpose) to God.

While this topic could develop into a much larger discourse on the "role" of a godly man in the man, I believe the long and short of it is as I stated above as formulated from my interpretation of God's word. It is a role that evolves into its purest form when the man is, for lack of better terminology, just plain ol' sold out to God (which for me means in an on-purpose relationship with God that reaches level of intimacy to the point where the very nature of God is made manifest in the earth realm by that man as he lives his life).
I love it! Thanks & Blessings!
The role of the Godly man at home...lead, guide, protect, nourish. One must be diligent in their own respective duty within the home. It all starts with having the right relationship that will establish the right covenant that in turn will yield the right response as you (key word) LOVE your family they will in turn respect you and won't have any problem following you as you follow Christ. The problem is many who want the responsibility as head of the house use the bible to lord their dominion over their spouse not taking into consideration the context in which the canonical text was written. "If you lead with love, your family will follow with love."
God's love is AMAZING isn't it?
The man is the rock of the family. He is the one that keeps the family up, and in order. He guides the family in the way they should go. He must teach his kids the fear of the Lord, and he must love his wife, as Christ loved the church.
Godly Men in the home?
Well, he is the covering for that home, the priest, teacher NOT boss!

Covering, like a umbrella to cover their spouse in PRAYER.
Priest, of the house under God.
Teacher, teaching the Word of God line by line precept by precept.


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