Hey Mighty Men of God, I want to hear what you have to say about your role in the home as a Godly man.

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Before any discussion on this topic could take place, everyone, including the discussion facilitator needs to understand the meaning of the Greek word 'kephale' translated "head" in Ephesians. When the proper hermeneutics of this word is integrated in the passage, then let the discussion begin. Otherwise, the whole exercise comes across as someone seeking to score points for a secular and carnal agenda.

K. R. Adderley, PhD
Serious Theologian and Servant
I vote we give DR. kenneth r. adderly, the serious theologian all of our combined points which we have gained during the course of this blog. After all, he is a phd and all. He even spelled hermeneutics correctly. Come. Let us all sing together; For He's a joyly good fellow for he's a...(Lol).
Sorry DR. SERIOUS, I just couldn't pass that up. You all but rebuke the rest of us for our input toward Sis. Sally's question, and yet you pour word's down our necks without giving us the meaning for them. You speak of translations and hermeneutics without giving us the benefit of you phd education. I would think that if you were as serious as you would like us to believe, your words would have come off as a lesson to help and educate us rather than the likes of one (as you so elequently put it) seeking to score points for a secular or carnal agenda. I actually liked most of the responses that I read and view them as biblically based and are applicable for use. Dr. Serious, if you're going to set us straight, SET US STRAIGHT. Share with the rest of the class. I would love to know what's cooking in that beautiful dome of yours. I think you wanted to sound impressive, and so you did. But alas, I'm not a sore loser. I humbly resend all my secular and carnal points over to you; O' Serious One. Lighten up man. It's all good. I see no sin commited in these responses (save maybe this one if you are offended by me, and the one you typed out). That being the case I appologize and extend my hand of forgiveness toward you.
Bless you Pastor King. All I can say is that God knows, and I'm so glad that HE does.

Thanks & Blessings!
Thank you my Brother,

That is exactly why I did not give any explanation, so that I could ferret out some response no matter how hurting it might be to my bare back. Unfortunately, I fired off this response before reading the last part of your post. Man, how I love you . . . and all my brothers and sisters and the Spirit is heavy now upon me . . .

The word means "completer" as you obviously well know; but it denotes in simple terms that a man, who is the "head" or kephale of the wife, will do whatever it takes to complete her in every way. That suggests that he will not only do dishes and honey-do's like women even boast about or stress a brother about, but it means doing whatever is necessary at home and in community so that she excels to be the best that she can be, that in so doing she brings him the honor while sitting "in the gate" with the elders that Proverbs talk about while wearing the garments she sewed for him. If she wants to open up a flower shop then the brother needs to get an extra job if ne be and seek out how he could help arrange it--without grumbling.

In short, my brother, as you well know, and as is often hashed about by male and female in our community of the Sons of Issachar, men ought to give themselves for their wives in that same kind of love that Jesus gave of Himself. What? I'm tired of rehashed rhetoric not only from ordained clergy but the rest of the unrecognized ministry of God's Church who spout pleasing platitudes and insults alike without a serious desire to delineate what the Word says.

And for more info, titles don't get it, so one can make all the fun one wants about doctors and reverends and bishops and/or overseers, its all meaningless because Scripture only talks about the diakonoi who serve being full of faith and full of the Holy Ghost, who without holiness cannot see God.

Blessings Brother, and thanks for responding to the bait, it'll help draw others into a meaningful discussion---albeit without rancor (and for that one may I suggest you use the dictionary on your desk.

Love you (seriously I do (; -o)


And now that I got everyone's attention, please go and read the blog I posted about the Prophecy dealing with Obama and the Sons of Issachar. I've been watching and waiting 25 years to see Obam's Day, which let's me know that Jesus, my Yeshua ha Meshiach is coming soon.
And by the way, in the OT there is a law we find besides all of the others that are common knowledge, but hardly anyone teaches this anymore--maybe because it is Old Testament. It is the Casuisitic Law, which denotes that to whatever church or by what method of worship the father attends or does, so does the wife and the 'chirren'. No wonder God could say of Abraham that He knows that he will teach his children to follow after him." But do Black women today question what this 'supposed' "spiritual head" does or says? And is she justified in doing that? And why shouldn't she be if the brother is not living up to God-revealed directives?

Question: "So do we still think that the man is the "spiritual" head of the house as the brother said?" How do wives and chirren feel about following dady to his church? Or does daddy even have a church body with whom he fellowships to follow God's directives?

Not meddling . . . Just being the Point Man with food for thought according to my instructions.

For What it's Worth . . .

Lol! Okay. You got me Brother. Tooshay Dr. Adderley. You are a very clever man. I like you. Seriously. You have blessed me with your response. Your words are true concise and profound. Thank you for revealing yourself for the teacher that you obviously are. Your method was both sacrificing and effective. I count you as my friend and hope to be considered likewise by you. I knew you were an intelligent man, with this I was not impressed, but you are also a wise man. with this I am impressed. You are no doubt my brother, and a man on whom the wisdom of God rests. I asked you to set us straight, tell us what you know, and you did. I am not disappointed. I love you man. May the power of God and the very Spirit of Peace reign mightily in you and your house always. FRIEND
Mighty Men of God, Bless you both!!
Godly men in the home is based on a personal relationship with Yahweh first. However, he is not exempted from the usuals around the house such as problems with the wife and children. While it is true that the steps of a righteous man are odered by Yahweh, he still miss the mark sometimes. As with any godly person, the godly man acknowledges Yahweh in all his ways and wait for directions. As he is the priest of his home, but Solomon said that every wise woman builds her house but the foolish plucks it dowm with her hands.
To answer your question, I think that the role of the godly man is no different from the ungodly man.
Okay I know this is late but I just found this site. I truly believe that a man is the spiritual head of the home. That means that he should be leading his household according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then and only then should his wife submit to him. When that happens it allows God to do some incredible things in your marriage. You will see exponential growth in whatever the two of you put your hands to.

My wife, Marlas, and I work together in our ministry. I am a Christian spoken word artist, author, and inspirational speaker. My wife works dilligently as a graphic artist (her designs are guided by God) to design all of the flyers, my website, business cards, etc. I have never had so much support before in a relationship. And because we are one in the ministry, it is flourishing and God is truly opening some HUGE doors that cannot be closed.

Men you want respect from your wives. Get in your right spot!! Follow God's leading and your family will be blessed.

Robert T Sells
Amen, and I applaud you my brother. May God continue to bless your union.
the Prophecy dealing with Obama and the Sons of Issachar.


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