As I was sitting here in thought of a discussion the HOLY SPIRIT said talk about what is a reason or reasons to leave a church. I have what I beleive is the only reason one should leave, but I am egar to see how people feel across the country.

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I know and understand, in the past I felt the same way.
As I have matured, The Lord taught me how to identify what I was dealing with in my inner man first before I reacted with others in the church.

It took some years for me to mature with my fellow brothers and sisters.

Praise the Lord, I finally did and now I can be used to a greater capacity by the Lord in breaking strongholds.

I sense the great love that The Lord God has for you.
The sense of His love for you is tremendous, it has me almost in tears.
You are a vessel of God.
I am a vessel for God.
I released myself and I am giving myself to His leading.
Keep talking with God and meditating upon His Word.
Reason, your welcome
I'll talk with you another day.

May the Lord bless you and keep you
May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and
Be Gracious unto you.
Minister Venus
My Sister in the service,
We are all in the army of the Lord, from the very basic early ranks to the seasoned rankings, but it is absolutely true we all areclimbing the latter to heaven, and if we see somebody that looks to be slipping let us pull them up.
In all that has been expressed, to leave or not to leave, the church is a hospital for sick people, and all need healing, but how can healing come if none of us stay to assist in the healing process. God bless us ALL.
Evan Gail, I am replying to your statement concerning u saying for we all sin and have come short of the Glory of God. This is an error on your part. The bible does not read as such in Romans 3:23 nor does it imply it. the bible says "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." The context in which it was spoken is concerning all born into sin. Thank God we do not continue in sin as u have posed it in your writing. U can not accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, one because it is not written as such for salvation, and it is Jesus Christ that accepts or rejects us. The bible teaches us that we cannot even come to the Father unless we are drawn. So for u to say that we accept Jesus for salvation is very arrogant and errant, and most of all unbiblical. No bible refers to the Holy Ghost as a 3 person of a trinity. Wow! u really call yourself an evangelist? Evangelist of what? or of whom? No where in scripture is the Holy Ghost called a person. I implore u to read the BIBLE.

Amen Evangelist Gail, that's the God honest truth what you have said and we must get the speck
out of our on eye before we can it out of someone else. Bless you Evangelist Gail Fletcher.
The seven Churches in Asia- Minor all had difficulties, but there is a promise that the LORD gave to all seven (TO HE THAT OVERCOMETH) This must mean that in-order to get our reward(crown) we must first bear our cross. If the LORD has not led you to leave you should stay. We are looking for the Apostles, the Prophets, the Evangelist, the Pastor, and the Teacher to be this and that, and to be able to do this and that for us, when in reality we don't know, or hear, or understand because of our own spiritual apathy. Too leave and go from here to there in search shows that some of us are as Satan (running to and fro) what has happened to patient endurance, let patience have it's PERFECT way. Ever notice running to and fro you usually are faced with the same problems on a much grander scale. To go about and not be able put up with this or that is futile. Instead of looking for someone else to do whatever needs to be done, let's begin to be the CHURCH and glorify GOD from within ourselves. for we can show up the phonies, pull the covers off of the wrongs if we will ourselves serve.

Good Morning,
This is good conversation, because I sit and look at so many saying Im lead by the spirit, but are they giving God a chance to speak to the heart, we have a lot of views anad opinions, but do we think most of us as Christians really have that discerning spirit, or is it possble most of us want it our way?????
Brother Ernest,
This is a good conversation.
In our culture, confusion in the congregation seems to be abounding.
I am reminded when the children of Israel wanted to have a king to reign over them other than
the Lord God, Himself.
The prophet was irritated with the people because of this but The Lord God said that they were rejecting not the prophet but The Lord God Himself.
This is similar to what I am seeing in this day. I don't know why this is the case that in our culture their is a move to have what is called " A man or woman of God" to lead or be king between the individual person and God. This is something that is a bit foreign to me.
I read where Jesus said come to Him all ye that a burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest for your soul. Somehow the thought is floating around to go the man or woman of God.

Although in the book of Daniel it is written " And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do [exploits]." Daniel 11:32

So I will conclude based upon Daniel 11:32 this generation must know their God for themselves, up close and personal.
Continue to do the Lords work, Listen for the masters voice.


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