God bless you people of God. The Holy Spirit has impressed upon me in the passed couple of weeks that there is no urgency in the body of Christ to correct the life of sin and backsliding. With this I have found that people have no fear concerning the things of God and the church of God. But the Lord has revealed to us that His gospel must be preach to the ends of the earth not just his birth (virgin Birth), Life (signs wonders and miracles, death (redemption by the blood of the cross) resurrection (justification and glorification) but that He is COMING BACK AGAIN!!!! ( I felt that)

See before the Body began to preach prosperity, and prophetic and apostolic, they preached Jesus and that HE IS COMING BACK AGAIN!!!! (Glory to God). I am a prophet and I believe in prosperity and prophetic anointing and to Apostolic flow. But there brings a since of urgency to get your house in order when you since the rapture is about to take place. Earthquakes in diverse places who would have heard of it. China flood in Iowa calamities all over what is the world coming to. I will tell you The King is Coming for His Bride and she has to be without spot or wrinkle, She must have here lamps burning bright, I is high time for the people of God to be sanctified and holy. YES HOLY they act like it is a bad word now but without HOLINESS NO MAN SHALL see the Lord. For the hour has come saith the Lord of Host that I will not suffer long because of your faults for this is the time I shall raise up a people saith the Lord that will live for ME. They will walk as i walked and do as I did. Sign and wonders shall be there portion and I will be with them, See this is why we lack sign and wonders because the saints are not fasting and praying as they should............ I will leave the rest to you comments and I will have necessary scriptures for you as well God bless

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Prophet Larry .....This is an awesome word from the Lord........ the people of God have become like the 10 virgins. Although five had their oil and five had no oil; they all slept and slumbered while waiting for their Lord. The people of God are sleeping on the job, we have the truth and the rightousness of God, and believe without holiness no man shall see the Lord: but we are sleeping! We have gotten caught up in the blessings of God, and the receiving is as a lubaby to our flesh, we are fat and flourishing, and yet, we have become insensitive to the turbulent troubles in the land that are suppose to awake us to ring the bell and inform others that the Lord is on His way. As, pastors, teachers, evangelist, prophets or apostles , If we don't sound the trumpet and warn the people..... who will be responsible for the blood. God bless,

Evangelist Pam Carter
May God bless you!

It's exactly the reason why I do invite all of you to turn to the End Time Message, for the Sovoreign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the Prophets(Amos 3:7)

Let's wake up!


Bro. Germain

Hi dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


The church has lost its intimacy and singleness of heart. There are terrible times in the last days (2 Timothy 3: 1-5). Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most grows cold (Matthew 24:12).

Yes, the Laodicean Church is neither cold nor hot (Revelation 3:14-15).

Since Jesus-Christ the bridegroom is a long time in coming, all the virgins become drowsy and fall asleep (Matthew 25:5).

However the Church, the bride of Jesus-Christ must awake (Ephesians 5:25-27; Matthew 16:18).

The wise virgins who take oil in jars along with their lamps must awake. The oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Jesus-Christ is making His Bride holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, in order to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

The stains and wrinkles represent the foreign and pernicious doctrines that the theologists add to the Word of God.

With this intention, we must turn to the End time message which is intended to prepare the bride of Jesus for the rapture. This alarm has already started and follows its course (continues).

Let us wake up! Time is up!!!!!

Bro. Germain

Amen brother. And it is also interesting to know that when we as christians are aware of the times, we draw farther away from God as opposed to drawing near. We see the end of days as a closing window. So we try to get as much zest out of life as we can before that dreadful day. We become wanton in disguise. We seek the hand of God, instead of the face of God. We only have this small window of time to accomplish all the things we have in our hearts to accomplish, and to gain all the things we have in our hearts to gain. We have forgotten about the mandate of God and have begun to pursue after our own agenda. And what's so kid about it is, we expect God to help us do it. We want God to make us millionaires before the last day. We want heaven, but we want mammon too. And we all know that you can't serve both God and mammon. On contrar my friend. Their is an urgency among the church folk. It is an urgency to gain the temporary. We are not aware that in so doing we forfeit the eternal. Pray that we get our priorities straight. That we might seek Gods will daily. That we would live in His moment NOW. The past is history, The future is a mystery, and all we can be sure of is now. Jesus said, Take no thought for tommorow, tommorow will take care of the things of itself. There is no reason for us to grope after possessions. Let us set our hearts on things that are above. I could say more but time will not permit. God bless you my brother. I'm out.
Pastor Mel

Bro. Germain
If my friend William Cosby comes to town to do a benefit for crippled children, and upon his departure he say's "I shall return". I would assume he's coming back. And based upon this assumption I send out memos to all the supporters and those of whom his return is of concern and say, "Bill Cosby is coming back to do another benefit. Now I didn't say his actual name(William), but that does not negate the fact that I was talking about him. I'll just bet he has cashed as many checks with the name Bill Cosby written on them as he has with William Cosby written on them, I'll even wager that some of the checks had Jr. attached to his name. But if I neglect to say William Cosby Jr., and instead say Bill Cosby, am I not talking about the selfsame man indeed? I think we all get the message. because it's still him. You're dealing with semantics man. You know full well that when people say Jesus, they are referring to Yeshua. When they say Peter they mean Simon. Saul and Paul are the same person. I guess if I went broadcasting "Bill Cosby is coming back, I would be FALSE. Selah. See, there you go again reading something into folks comments that do not exist. There is another comment (a different discussion) that you have made that I must respond to. I shall choose my words carefully...with all due respect my brother. Shalom
You are a wise and humble man Anthony Luckett. Peace.
There you go again, ranting on about stuff that nobody's talking about in the first place. I do not say that it is okay to change Yeshua's name. I only say, you know full well of whom people are speaking when they say JESUS. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Some people call him the Christ, some people call him the prince of peace, some called him Son of David, and he even called Himself Son of Man. (You must be very lonely). None of us can rightfully be so presumptuous about spiritual things while trying to perceive them with a carnal mind. The carnal mind cannot understand spiritual things. I admire your knowledge friend, but I am not impressed. But when you have educated your inner man as you have the outer man, then you can be a teacher of other men. They that win souls is wise. I am sorry that you were once a "christian". I also understand that the word was meant derogatorically against the followers of Christ. I am sorry that you were a part of a starchy fellowship that was inflated with pride, and appeared not much better than a social club. But what goes on in one man's house may not ring true in anothers. You can't judge all fellowships because your experience with one or a few was not to your liking. There are yet a few people who love the Father and do revere Him. I believe that I am not the only person the Father speaks to. I believe others have ear to hear also. I am open to wisdom and understanding, but I do not believe that one man's philosophy is greater than another man's. Because he's only a man. You have given yourself the name Moreh Yehoshua Ben Yaweh, but you are still a man. I am His son also, and so are some of the others on this network. I have not subtracted the name of Yah. I just don't have time for foolishness. There are souls at stake. People are dying and are on their way to Gehenna. I only want to help, as do some of my fellow laborers. If you don't want to, that's cool. I respect your place. This is the path which you have chosen. But the journey I am on is the path that I believe YAH has chosen for me. We know that man has changed a lot of truths into lies. Do you expect anything different of him when the imagination of his thoughts are continually evil? Get over it. Do as Yeshua did. If they will not hear, then turn to those who will hear. Let him who hath ear hear. If he don't have an ear for your words, why are you still speaking? Do you think you will gain him with your much speaking? Nay. You have lost your brother. When I said both you and Brother Adrian were wrong, and then you were both right, I spoke of no error regarding the knowledge you were trying to convey. The error was in the encessant ranting between the two of you that got noone anywhere but hot under the collar.You have a considerable amount of knowledge, but you do not have all knowledge. You have a degree of knowledge that Adrian does not possess. And believe it or not there are some things that he may know that you do not. All I'm saying is that we should be ready to consider one another respectfully, FORBEARING one another in love. If what you teach is meat, and your brother is not ready for meat because he is not yet able to bear it, do not force feed him, let him drink milk, at least he is being nourished. And likewise if he deems his diet to be meat, then he should let you drink your milk if you can't digest his meat. If eating meat offends my brother, I do not stop eating meat, I just won"t eat it around him. For why should I cause my brother to sin against his on conscience to shipwreck the little faith that he has? If he is so convicted in his faith, and my words do not persuade him otherwise, I should leave my brother in tact. But the spectacle I witnessed was two men cutting each other down and seemingly deliberately trying to injure one anothers faith. My dear brother, these things aught not so be among the children and sons of YAH. Calm down man. I have a twin brother. You remind me of him.
Moreh Yehoshua, I apologize for my indiscretion. I judge you not. Follow the conviction of your heart. We are not all the same. Maybe we should be, but we're not. Nevertheless, the gospel is preached. I was not aware that I was attacking you personally. I was reasoning with you my concept of wha the truth is. But my attempt is futile seeing that you have not known my heart. Nor have I known yours. There are some things which I have not yet considered. I shall ponder your words. Again, I am terribly sorry. I meant no disrespect. I desire friendship. I do not by no means consider you an enemy, nor have I. I know that what you speak is light. I will let you teach it. I'll get them born, and you can open their eyes. LOL :) Forgive me Brother.
Amen Brother. Thankyou. I pray tha I have not offended anyone by my behaviour.
The doctrine of the pre-trib rapture came around in the 1830s. It is actually not supported by scripture, but by over 100 yrs of false assumptions. Jesus is coming soon, thats no doubt, but he will gather his people at the second coming.
Except for the Jesus name? Well, I truly respect the fact that you may call him Y'shua(Aramaic), or Yahoshua(Hebrew). The Greeks called and still call him Iesous. Africans, namely, Nigerians, call him Jesu. It doesn't matter how you prounounce his name in your mother tongue.

Even the apostles, who wrote the NT in Koine Greek, referred to Jesus as Iesous, and it is from Iesous that we get the name Jesus. I dont have a problem calling him Jesus because my mother tongue pronounces his name that way.


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