I would like to receive insights from the preaching community about spiritual mentoring. What is a pastor's responsibility to his associate ministers as far as spiritual training and development? Conversely, what is the nature of an associate ministers responsibility to his pastor? What are the results/ramifications for both parties if the relationship is lacking?

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Amen, Amen, & Amen
You're kind. Thank you for the encouragement. To God be the glory. Press On!
Awesome, we need many Fathers in the Spiritual realm to realize and willing to teach others the Qualities of Leadership in the Pastoring the Sheep.

I pray for your continual strength and knowledge while you mentor your students of ministry which God has assign to you.
Senior Pastors major responsibility to his associate is spiritual empowerment and this empowerment is done by several impartations, eg, via teachings on kingdom truths, ethics of succeeding in ministry, discoverying the associates potentials and empowering him in every wisdom of it, for him to succeed, empowering the associate attitude by living a life that must influence the associates life for good, winning the love of the associate by good heart care of his needs and giving him the needed exposure for maturity in ministry, eg, liberty to work or manage the department which is best for his gift. In regard to an associate ministers responsibility to his senior pastor. every associate pastor must take note that every living man is a growing man including his senior pastor therefor must not capitalize in his area where he has not grown, eg the story of Noah and his son Reuben, learning from that case, an associate pastor suppose to always bridge the garp for his senior pastor and also obey him always as writting in Heb 13:17 cos whatever you despise cannot impact you like Noah and Reuben. i have more to say but may want to stop here for now
All these comments are very helpful to this young preacher and associate minister. Thanks to all of you brothers for the advise......


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