Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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I don't FULLY agree with sending a video to a church JUST for preaching a service, I believe it is the Pastor's job to make the call as to whom shall preach to their people. As a matter of fact he/she should've heard them before they come or they come with a good recommendation from another Pastor. Most Pastors ONLY bring those whom they know, and heard before. However, I DO agree with having to send a video or CD if a church is in a Pastoral Search.
What first is coming to my mind is the question that should also be here......

is it in God's will that sons and daugther of a Pastor should always inherit their positions in the Church. If all the Churches should ask themself this and God for what God is telling them should it be many that shouldn't be on the altar because God is a personal God so what one get doesn't always inherit into another person only because they belong to the same family.

But most people prefer to give their kids a place on the altar and I can understand it as a parent too, our flesh tells us but I am not sure God is saying yes if Pastors should ask.

I have also seen children of preacher growing better preacher and have more of the Holy Ghost in them than their parents to tell the truth.

Not all can draw even if their parents are great artists.

I am a white woman and I was told of God to take a flight to USA but He never gave me money to survive on or any job so I was homeless the first 2 years of my walking in 3 and half years in USA.

One time should I pay for to be a Minister in a church with about 98% black people in the church.

One day didn't I had $200 to pay the fee to the Pastor but the day before the class was I talking to God and He said that tomorrow takes care of itself so I was sure God should fix it for me next day.

But it wasn't so that God was paying for me and the Pastor had no mercy on a poor person so he told me I was out from the class.

But as I was travelling from far away with a friend to the class did he told me that I was allowed to sit down and listen to the speaker that should come that had a truelly gift of could read from the spirit what sort of Ministers we all should be.

I had done the same questions as all the other on a paper so this man that owned a Bible University in Florida was also "reading" my paper.

We was about 25 people in the class and he started with the Pastor and told him that he was lover of money and the Pastor was going out from the church extreamly angry but that was God's answer of not accepting me in the class.

Then did this man telling everyone what sort of Minister they should be and people was laughing and pointed finger to each other because he read all people without knowing us and everything was just exactly how each person was, he not even look at the papers he had just got.

For example did he told my friend that she should be a Bible class teacher and my friend was a teacher in profession at a upper secondary school.

My paper was the second last paper he was holding and he just had to take a big step back on the altar because he had never seen such result when it comes to LOVE for people and he said that this person shouldn't sit down on the floor, instead should she be on the altar and give the Pastor advices and help him with preaching.

And all people was wondering whom that person was and it was a true surprise when it was me he was talking about, me that had just been kicked out from the class because I was too poor.

After come the Pastor for the church and said he should train me to be a Pastor and I should get my own Church under him and he should even bring his people to my church those first Sundays so I got lots of people to preach to.

But the days was going and I didn't heard from him.

I come one day to the Church and said I needed a schedule of days when I could come to the Church and watch him working but he said he had no time to teach me anything so everything he had promised was gone.

He didn't do what God had told him.

Than later on did it happen a few time this that the Pastor got messages about me been send from God to USA but they never pick up the message in action even if they told in the Sunday preaching that God had said He had sent me.

Very often did I go out a Sunday and I said to God show me what Church you want me to be in today and I was most in black Churches.

How can a person sent from God ever get a job as a preacher when this person is:

1. Woman

2. White in a black Church

3. Poor, with no jewels on her more than a cross in a chain around her neck

4. With broken but ok English

5. No living in USA

I want you to check with the Bible about how a person should look like for to be a preacher. I had clean clothes but clothes I got from donations in some Churches and I lived in a shelter..

I know who I am and I know I was sent of God to check up what was going on in the churches in USA ( in Virginia Beach area )

If a person like me was coming in to your church and God is telling you that I was send from Him, what should you do ?

One time did God told a Pastor that I had step out from the boat. He looked at me as he didn't knew me and asked me what God was talking about and I said that I have left everything I owned, my country and family and kids for to walk in a country I didn't knew ( USA )

He gave most money a Pastor have given me and it was $60 and he said he should give me everything he owned to me if he was wealthy but I didn't wanted the money in the first place even if I had rent a little house in that time and couldn't pay the rent but in the first place was I in USA to see if any Church gave me a place up on the altar but no church did it so I returned to Sweden.

I heard it sometimes in the church this " think if Jesus come in to our church one day, what should he look like ? "

I don't say I am Jesus but I was like Jesus.... sent of God.

I am a Pastor now but still no Church have asked me to come and be the Pastor in their church.

I was preaching in Churches in USA and my friend, the teacher, said I couldn't the first time as I wasn't from USA and had poor English.

But I said to her that God have promised that if we only open our mouth, He should give us the words.

And I was preaching and people come to me and said they had been healed when I was preaching and some days later people stopped me and said they had heard about me preaching in a church and that people was healed of the words that come out from my mouth because God had done what He have promised, He put words in my mouth because I had walked up on the altar and OPEN MY MOUTH.

So don't think that well speaking people is the best preachers because it take the Holy spirit flowing from the altar that make a REAL preaching...if you not want a teaching Pastor but those teaching Pastors belong to the Bible classes and not on the altar.

And I believe in what I was preaching without any notes ...I only let God talk through my mouth...It doesn't matter what I said because I said before I started to preaching that ....those that have the right ears they hear what God is telling them without I should need to have a correct English. Amen

God make miracles so I suppose He have done it every time I have preached.

( I apologize if I make someone upset by saying "black" Church but I was living most with black people and I come to be one of your sister and as you say black to each other do I feel I can say it too )
I have thought many times what do I do in this season when I am not preaching, but know that God has anointed and appointed me to preach the gospel. I have to come the conclusion that I wait. The Lord has been preparing me and instructing me to do some natural things. But I told him, if He really called me to work this thing, I will wait until He opens the doors and I will walk through them as He opens. I have had friends to say " I gave you name to a church for preaching", and they have not called me yet. It must mean that it is not my time to walk through those doors. So I wait before God. .I continue to love on Him and learn from Him.
I would like to add to Servant of God, There are so many in the body that do not have discernment nor the Holy Ghost as well. That's why so many are being deceived and being taken advantaged of. When we have discernment, we will not let those that are not filled to come in and tear the church up. A person with discernment will know thru the Spirit who to allow to come in an preach to the people of GOD. We have to many "pastors" that allow their friends and family members minister to the people of God and they know that brother or sister do not have it but because some believe in "you wash my back and I wash yours" which has nothing to do the the Spirit of God. If we are truly lead by God, we will know that God knows whats best for the people of GOD (which is HIS PEOPLE). It says in the word that the Holy Ghost will lead and guide us in all truth! Be blessed!
I don't feel that you need to send a cd or dvd of your recent message, but I do think that there needs to be some form of communicating to that pastor what you believe, and how you interpret the scriptures. That pastor is ultimately responsible for the spiritual well-being of that congregation. But No, there should be no audition!
I do believe as you do, the bible says that we should know those who labor among us. We have been given a gift of discernment and try the spirits by the spirit. Although, many have trusted not by the spirit of God and allowed others to come into their house and have been hurt behind it.
Therefore they are now walking in a spirit of offense and they have not forgiven or been healed so now they just do not trust and take no thought to the fact that the spirit of God will give them utterance and answers to every prayer. The word of God says to pray about all things letting our supplications be known unto God, so when we should be led by the Holy spirit when we invite others to speak and even before going to speak the word of God we should pray about it and be led by God.
So yes, you are right, I agree with you.
Good question..........I have been taught and also believe that you don't ask anyone to preach at their church wait to be invited to do so.By networking and getting out every once and a while from your normal place of worship and meet other ministers. Thats kinda like just walking up onto someone's pulpit without an invitation.........TABOO !
Wow ive read many of the comments and i have alot going in my head. I am getting alot of differerent angles to come at you all. I think the operative word here is humilty..some of us have seem to lost that and have gotten bigger than life and forgot our feeble beginnings in ministry when somebody invested in us, and gave us opportunities to develope our crafts. we are suppose to be the incouragers and not discouragers. Some churches have the nerve to call it a trial sermon when a new minister gives their first sermon.........its not a trial.....its initial sermon......who judging or can discern if someone is called or not. Now i do understand you don't stand anybody in your pulpits...........but i am hearing alot of EGO.......and not alot of HUMILITY...........somebody said PRAYER..............remember God don't need you to speak for Him............He spoke through a JackAss.............................
You speaking truth .....
If your having trouble finding the "technical" means of putting together that great audition tape then contact me. I have years of experience and have been a Professional Video/Audio Engineer for years. I may be able to give you advise to get you in the right direction or personally help, depending upon your need. Keep in mind, you can use that same "promotional tape" and post it on UTube, your local cable channel or other avenues. You can do God's calling, but perhaps not in the "Big" church that you envisioned. But if you touch one soul, would it not have been worth it. This is our ministry . . . to get God's word out. The size of the congregation is only relavent to the carnal. (watch I get eaten alive on that last point)
God Bless.

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