Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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What would you say if God asked you
Like Joshua to lead many others?
Like Daniel, Paul, David and Moses
And so many sisters and brothers.

Might you wonder who am I
To follow in the footsteps of Moses?
Bravery thrives on precious assurance
As the waters of God beckon the roses.

While earthly trials test our faith and resolve
Remember they’re never everlasting.
Caught in the crossfire for the soul of man
As the weapons of war do their casting.

Grab your Bible and research some stories
To share with loved ones or friend.
Help lead them to the mansion of God
Where the spirits of the righteous ascend.

Stand proud and preach for the Grace of God
If you wish to relay your gratitude.
Set an example for those who follow
By your goodness, bravery and attitude.

Thank You For Being
"A Soldier For The Lord"

By your friend
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
On The Web
HI Dr.I Think that we must do what we can to obey God .Not every message from God is recived with open arms.
Not everyone recived Christ Message , John the Baptist,Peter or Paul . some will love you some wiil Test you Some will requier some apeal ,If the door is not open the fist time try try agin
Wow never heard that but i'm a firm believer that your gift wll make room for you. Not only should discernment be at work but the preachers' reputaton should also precede him. I've preached many places where I never knew the people that called me but somehow they knew of me. But when we get so big that the pastor is no longer apart of the inviting process you are leaving it up to laymen who or maynot be moving in discernment.
I believe we are auditioning with the way we live our lives. We may either draw others to Christ or cause them to turn away because of what they see us do. Something to ponder What if there was a camera following you everyday and everywhere you went would you be found building the kingdom of God or tearing it down? Preaching should be a form of your live before the people the most powerful messages I have heard or even preached have been from a life experience place. I believe that Pastor's need to make sure that whoever they are allowing to speak to the people the Lord has given them needs to make sure that they are speaking sound doctrine. But I also agree that as leaders should have discernment and be led by they spirit of God. This does not mean that if you are asked to someone is questioning you calling or gifts it is just wise to be informed. I am sure there are times when even then there are things that get overlooked about a person. I guess this would be a case by case thing.
The bible says your gift will make room for you, but people are trying to make room for themselves, this is good word woman of God, some went and some are sent, anytime you promote yourself by sending cds and tapes then you are trying to do God's job, God dont need your help to help you, but when you are in the will of God and doing everything God want you to do, God will set you up because of your obedience and your love for God.
I believe that the Bible is right. I believe that you are all so correct. Many are called but few are chosen.. Yes i bekieve that it is time for the body to come togather and by one as Jesus prayrd In st, John 17th
I believe that the Bible is right. I believe that you are all so correct. Many are called but few are chosen.. Yes i bekieve that it is time for the body to come togather and by one as Jesus prayrd In st, John 17th
I agree with you. And i also believe that the Bible is right. the gift and thje caalling of God is without repentanec. If you are called by God then you are called. We where put here to do what we are put here to do We shall know them by there friuts.
Sending a tape or audio to me is a bit pointless as it doesn't show the true character of a person. What is it showing? Its a segment not necessarily displaying how much they know (Many teach off Notes..and that's OK..just saying..notes can be copied..) Maybe it shows the style of delivery.

The bible tells us to know those who labor among us. I believe too many times not only do people promote themselves for popularity purposes, churches or events do the same.... A numbers game. Who can pull the the biggest attendance response.

We should build relationships with anyone who we anticipate ever coming and serving whether it be Christian musicians, singers etc. Some type of relationship should be there. In the microwave society where everything is done super fast, we must remain to the instructions of the Word and that is to let EVERYTHING be done decent and in order....and finding out what a person is all about and their belief system on 'the day of' just doesn't sound like too much order.

There is so much foolishness being taught and spread, like how there is no hell and some don't believe in the tithe and many other things...a CD doesn't say all that...and it would be a shame that you found out that much of their doctrinal belief system is totally opposite of what the local church teaches and believes 'the day of' as they are behind the Mic preaching it or singing it. (Ands this is regardless if you are the same denomination).

Yes, correction can be made to the congregation later or immediately even, yet all this could have been avoided if we have built a relationship and known who was to labor among us in the first place.

Its about balance. God didn't call us to remain in the heavenly's 24/7..I mean don't you eat? We are to use common sense and stop testing the Spirit. All we have to do is rightly divide the Word of truth and use practical wisdom. The Word tells us that many times the children of the world are wiser than God's children...why is that? because many times, God's children want to always be spooky about everything. (for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light. Luke 16:8b New American Standard)

We must be balanced. We can't take 1 scripture and run with it.

There is a well known saying that comes to mind. Don't be so heavenly minded to where you're no earthly good.

(By the way, growing up, it was quoted so much I thought it was scripture and years later after searching it out myself, I found it to be just a wise let us study the Word for ourselves. There are biblical principals that can be similar etc. but verbatim, its not in the 66 books.)

Lets not get too busy to build relationships. Let us not get to busy to make those fishing trips, those 'your bible in your lap, my bible in my lap' phone calls, those emails just to say I love you and I'm praying for you. Lets not be so anxious to have the next Mega ministry that it simply becomes a numbers game. Let us be responsible and caring for whomever God has entrusted into our care first before even looking further.

1 Thessalonians 5:12 - And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you;

Best Regards,
Right on! I enjoyed your reply to Dr. Linda Holiday


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