Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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Farris I agree with you 100% As a Pastor I have to be very careful who I allow to feed my sheep, and in order to see to it that they will feed them the right stuff I need to hear them. We have to be careful because many sheep have been led astray by folk who get in the pulpit and feed them junk, so I would not call it an audition, but just a shepherds job of protecting his sheep.
I'm keeping this one my brother. Thanks.
"Sometimes common sense trumps being discerning." So true.
Too many people use discernment as an excuse not to use their brains or exercise due diligence.
Spiritual discernment is not some magic gift. It involves a combination of brains, experience, and gut feeling directed by the Holy Spirit.
"Common" sense can never "trump" anything of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of discernment ( discerment of Spirit) is part of what I rely on, and I don't believe that I can ever be led wrong in doing so. Brains, and experience are good, but following the leading of the Holy Spirit is better. Sometimes we depend on what is "common" instead of looking to what is uncommon, but yet right. A person can send in a CD or an audition tape saying whatever they believes needs to said, the shouts, screams and what have you to get the "job" only to fall short of their tape once behind the pulpit.
But when one allows your Spirit to discern who should or should not come before the Sheep " HIS" sheep, you can't go wrong.
How can common sense trump the Spirit of the living God? This is what you just said. Exercise the gifts of God not the flesh. It was't said that discernment was a magic gift, its a gift from God for us not to have to use our sense. I know that if one has a intimate relationship with God as what we see is being spoken about from Dr. Holliday then we can agree scripture is correct when the word of God said the foot steps of the righteous is ordered by the Lord if your listening and you can't do that if you don't read and commune with God. If you are sent by God then the ground under you is solid rock with discipline being the trump, but I do believe the word of God said get WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING. So if we follow the promises of the word of God all else won't matter for God is a guide all by Himself, I thank God for Holy Spirit that's how I've been able to travel. It wasn't my common sense it was the true relationship mixed with the anointing the only common sense I can respond to is just staying saved and following my Lord to the wheels fall off and being discipline in my walk with God, you got to sell out to be led.
2 Tim 3:16....Where's the scripture? How can you speak with no scripture. LET EVERY WORD OF GOD BE TRUE AND EVERY MANS BE A LIE!
Apostle Ford respectfully...  I think and I may be wrong, I stand to be corrected. But I think that all was meant in the statement Common sense "sometimes" was to get 'Understanding and Wisdom from Holy Spirit before we move on what we through we heard. Holy Spirit always knows the will of God concerning us the church and his will for our life. Of which I fully believe and is led by.  Blessings
Wow, now you know you better preach that pastor Ducreay.... Truth in it's rarest form!!!!

I believe often times the heart of what is being said is miss interpreted, because many of us seek to get our own voices heard. The phrase "common sense  trumps the Holy Spirit"  is not meant to say depend on self and ability rather than Holy Spirit!!! it is simply saying along with Holy Spirit guiding you... don't throw common sense out the window. If it is not line upon line according to the word of God then discard it....amen 


As Pastor Ducreay said on April 24, 2009 (I am just reading this in 2011) many use that as a cloak to hide behind. Without having the the leading of, knowledge of, Holy Spirit and what the word of God is saying...I am just saying......  

I find it amazing that we follow the world's standard of promotion and success. When I was younger in ministry, it was my goal to do as many youth revivals and services as possible. I didn't really know any better. I saved any taped sermons with the hopes of marketing myself into the big churches. God humbled me by letting me get successful but teaching me humility in the process without letting me embarrassing myself too much. LOL. The more mature I got, the less I preached outside of the church I was attending and eventually, I was blessed to mature and get the necessary education and training needed to let my ministry promote itself. Now that I pastor, none of that is important anymore because my purpose and priority is to the congregation that I have been appointed to no matter where it is.

Promotion and discernment comes from God and not man.
Yes, a Pastor's main priority is to the congregation that he/she has been appointed to. The flock needs to be able to connect with their Pastor at some point on a level that exceeds the pulpit. This is not possible if they are always on the go promoting themselves, a pastor is not a celebrity status. The Lord will do the promoting.
Man this is the second comment I have come across from you and again you have blown me away. Amen

Your insight is great.
I hear a lot of my and me in your statement, but I have one question. Now that your a leader of God's flock are you able to discern who is called in what office ,and if so are you supporting the future from what I've see a lot of in the church is the Pastor's won't succeed the flock instead they tend to lord over them and not lead. I just would like to know where are you in that, and if your having success are your flock reaping the same harvest as you? There should always be balance in What is GOD'S. When we are truly called all those assigned to us will be blessed as well folks will be getting healed, delivered, no debt, souls saved and increase will spread out from discipleship. My bible says signs and wonders will follow those who believe. Are you approachable when a member would like to share with you? Can you take correction from others? Please share with me this insight since you've been in the ministry for some time. I am not asking to be funny for my walk with God is real I just need to here from you since you said what God did to you. I live by a good teacher stays teachable and I want to know.


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