Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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In this technological age, where much emphasis is placed on global marketing through the internet and networking, I can understand why a CD or tape would be requested... A lot of times churches receive so many resumes of persons interested in pastoring, that the only way to distinguish a person would be to sample their delivery style... Absolutely I believe that there must be discernment, but I also believe that when there are a plethora of options, that the opportunity to listen to a CD or a tape in the time most available to me is a blessing. It is obviously an effective tool, or we would not invest so much into buying tapes, DVD's and CD's of our favorite television and radio ministers...

I have not heard all of the people that my members suggest that Pastor bring into preach, and so in light of the fact that we do not have time to go to their church (BECAUSE WE ARE FAITHFUL AT HOME) sometimes they will give us a tape of the person to give us an idea of their doctrine and delivery. But we do not stop at a CD or tape, we do due diligence in finding out what type of person they are, what is their spiritual background, what is their personal lifestyle...

I knew none of you until I joined this forum... I may not have sent my tape, but my profile is online and so you can find out something about me just by checking it out, or going to my church's website to see what we believe, and as soon as I figure it out, you will be able to go online and hear the ministerial staff of my church - it is not so much so that we can go roughshod into peoples churches but it is a way of networking, a way of evangelizing, and a way of sharing our gifts....

I think asking for the tape is just a way of saying let us know what you are about and from there we can privately weed you out....
Why is it or is it ok for Pastors/ Clergy to get their sermons off the internet and preach them to the flock. If you are spiritually intuned to what is being said you should get a spiritual check because you should know your leader(s). One Pastor actually told me that he actually gets his sermons off the internet. One should also beware when their leader(s) gets into the flesh while speaking.
What I have learned in ministry is that if you put the time in with God you don't have to take anyone's message off the internet or anywhere else. I have come to realize that there are alot of lazy preachers that don't want to pray, fast and read God's word. If you want to have a good presentation you have to have the proper preparation. I have several preacher friends that I have given sermons to and I really don't have a problem with it because I try to constantly work on new messages. If you stay before God he will give you a fresh and authentic word. ELDER ERIC D JORDAN, CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST BAPTIST CHURCH IN CHAPEL OAKS, MARYLAND. JORDANEJJORDAN@YAHOO.COM
Thats a good word reverend, my pastor says the same thing to me. Thats why the bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved!
I believe it is just a sign of the times. The world has been so tech savy that oftentimes the tools used today to promote one's ministry are not the same as yesterday. I know alot of pastors that bring speakers in off what someone else told them and when they come sometimes they are disappointed with the speaker. I think the tapes or cd is just a way for many people to network. Tapes and cd's can travel alot easier and alot farther than individuals can at times. I totally understand and agree with getting before God and the Lord will definitely guide you the right way. You can never go wrong using that method but I don't actually have a problem with either way as long as I get to hear a good word. ELDER ERIC JORDAN, CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST BAPTIST CHURCH IN CHAPEL OAKS, MARYLAND. JORDANEJJORDAN@YAHOO.COM
Seek God FIRST!
Let God lead you to where He has you to go.
Remember, you are working for GOD not that pastor..
God bless and I wish you well.
Now that's good... The pulpit ministry has turned into something strange... I don't keep audition tapes or cds of any messages that I have preached, and never will I send out one for approval to minister in someones pulpit. If a pastor does not have a discerning spirit to know whether or not he should allow someone to minister in his pulpit then maybe he or she should sit down.( let me share a story with you about how on December 31, 2004 I was at home not preparing to go to anyones watch night service. But, all of a sudden a message began to burn in my spirit, "Getting ready for a move of God in 2005". I began to write what God was giving me. I had no idea where I would preach this. I also felt compelled to go to the watch night service at the local Church of God in Christ that was inside a corner store front walking distance from where I lived. I got dressed and walked in and was immediately invited to the pulpit. Songs were sung, some shouting and dancing and then the pastor of the church announced me as the speaker for the night. This was not preplanned by he or I. This man discerned in his spirit that I had been given a message to share with his congregation. That night there was a move of God.) All to often I have seen this monopoly in the pulpit when pastors won't allow his young ministers under him to preach or pour out what God has placed within them to share with the congregation. What they fail to realize is that this is called the Body of Christ. It takes all parts working together to fulfill God's mission.
Let me break it down real simple for my fellow ministers. " If what you teach and preach on each and every Sunday has not marinated in the hearts of the young minister that you are teaching, enough that you do not allow them to minister also and not just every now and then." Maybe your message/ministry is not what you think it really is. Especially if you don't trust it yourself. Come on pastors there is an evangelist, a teacher, an apostle, a future pastor, a prophet sitting out in your congregation with a burning message for the people of God. I don't believe that they would try to take over or lead people astray. Give them a chance and help them to develope the gift that God has placed on the inside of them. It might ignite something wonderful in your church. Or are you afraid that you will be out done? Remember this one thing, it's not about you in first place it's about Jesus.

Thanks for starting that discussion
Minister Vic Morton
I believe with you Dr. Holliday
I am frustrated with this new thing I see in the Church as a whole!
I know we have to know and study to show ourselves approved! But I Auditioned for parts when I did Theater!
Now we have to submit Tapes, Video's and Resume's? WOW! What Happened to the Anointed Men and Woman of God, and their ability to Know, God sent a voice to speak to the house?

Time to stop looking for Paper! and Look for the Signs and Wonders! God's Pouring out his Anointing on People that seek his Face! not Degree's only!
Just my thought on it!
Say it again my brother. You on so on point! I am frustrated also.

WHOOP there it is....!

Elder/Servant Chan M.Pratt total agreement- ITA~
I hear ya Rev. Luckett.
All things decently and in order, but ya gotta lub 'em ((laughing)).
Lesson learned and I have been to that same school for the same lesson.
Thanks for sharing.


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