Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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Your people will be willing in the day of your power. Willing to do what? I Like how Sunday preachers use these sayings like a pimp uses rhyming in his words.

you have to conform to God's will having a right attitude to what he is saying about his word. The application of his word and the lead of his Spirit in your life

All I see in the bible from Genesis to revelation is keep my commandments so that we may be resurrected into his kingdom. Keep not his commandments and die the 2nd death. 

In God's kingdom, overtaking is allowed because John The Baptist mark a profound statement By Jesus " from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffer violent" The Spirit of God so precious

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Very true! Today that is the main problem! Preachers are promoting themselves not Jesus Christ! The bible makes it very clear that your gift will make room for you, not you make room for your gift.

Today church is based on total fiction form the ghetto bling videos rappers make flashing cash, bling foolish young woman flashing that behind all over the place! 

The church has moved away form the church it no longer believes you must live holy! The church today no longer says prayer is the key, it is now the place where the Pastors are gay and proud to be gay. Jesus Christ is no longer invited to services. Churches today is only interested in who gives the most money or who sings the best living according to God Holy word is no longer important.

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+... How '*#~High and Far~ and in Which Manner and Accordance ~#*+' the so called INSTRUMENTS of God-are Flying,+, We as HIS "the CALLED" -The CHOSEN., the COMMITTED., the DEDICATED Servants ... the Generations of the Lord Almighty and the ONLY SAVOIR God. ...?+'.
Many things to discuss more deeper
Pst.& Apst..Johnson .
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