Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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Please woman of God! Be obedient...God told me to do what he called me to do, or he would "take me out", now you don't want to be put on a bed of affliction, in order to get up the feel me?....
The Holy Spirit won't send you where He can't keep you! You have the ammunition, you just have to trust God with blind faith...step into the stream and it will part, just for you! When I was called, too many people "really knew me"....but God told me to go and not look to the right or the left...........None of us can do this work of our own admonition........Give it to belongs to him anyway.........Open your mouth and he will speak for you...Your Sister In Christ.....Apostle Val
I understand your point. Most places that I've been invited to preach I've either never met the Pastor or seen them on one occassion. They have allowed me to grace G-d's people by their discernment and nothing else. However, what about those Pastors that don't have discernment? It's not a job requirement so how do they know who will be good for the sheep G-d's given them?
I beleive each leader has to be led by the Spirit Of God, because they are accountable for the souls in their congregation. We must also realize every ministry is not for every house, and I beleive that sometimes you can tell a preachers style from that tape or C.D., but most of all we must be prayerful in all things.
Well said my brother in the Lord!
We are to go out to the highways and byways and evangelise, while the church gets fatter and fatter, many souls are going to hell if we dont preach to the unsaved!
Wow! I believe that "everybody" can't reach everybody...yet, Everybody can reach somebody...I think back on my time of inviting someone to speak in our pulpit...usually I have already seen them during another program and felt their spirit and knew in advance how God would possibly use them. Now in my particular case, since I have an outreach ministry, called the "Alabaster Box Conference", Pastors would not necessarily be aware of what happens during the conference, and even if I send a letter with an informational flyer, lets say for instance...They may still require more information, so I am about to put together a 3-5 minute presentation for their viewing & discerning. ...I still believe in talking on the phone, to get a spiritual connection to that person...and certainly where feasable, an in-person visit should "seal the deal" (smile), so to speak....I know that I don't "play with God" so I am a firm believer, that God will make my path smooth to where ever I am to minister... Unfortunately, there are some places we who don't play the "church games" really do not need to go; because they would not want to hear the "raw" Word anyhow! (Smile) The Spirit of God told me - "THERE ARE PASTORS THAT CARE MORE ABOUT CONCRETE & STEEL THAN ABOUT SOULS"... I can't add anymore or take anything away from that message from God! Be Blessed Woman of God! Apostle Val
No, I don't believe that a God called, appointed and annointed vessel should have to send any form of an audition to proclaim the Word of God in God's Church. The problem is that too many of us have set ourselves up as owners of God's property; i.e.; His Chuch, His Pulpit. If you were to do a survey, which I have completed, asking about a particular church, the answer would be overwhelming, that's Reverend So & So's church. And my response is, "when did he or she give their life for a church. We are guilt of hihjacking The Holy Trinity of "THE CHURCH"!

Don't get twisted now, I am not saying that we should not be mindful of who is allowed to speak to God's people of whom we have been placed over to serve. Yes, I said serve! We are not to lord over God's flock, we are to serve them with love and compassion while teaching the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, churches that are looking for pastors are now requiring that CDs and/or DVDs be submitted. Again, we have an issue that contradicts the Word of God because if I am correct, it is stated in the Holy Writ "I (God) will give you pastors according to my heart", this is to be done for a divine reason and purpose authored by God.

Therefore, I totally agree with you that those that are "spiritually filled" (yes in quotations) "with the Holy Spirit" should have a decerning spirit that allows them to know who's who, but most of all "Whose" we all are. The best way to know is to talk with the individual personally in a non-invasive way. Just think, if I am going to send a form of audition, do you think I am going to sed just any thing/ Of course not, I will choose the best doctrinal mesaage that relates to your ministry because I would have gone on-line and done my due dilligence, then when I come, I just might flip the script. Look at the wheels spinning now!

God would not have us ignorant my brothers and sisters, but we sometimes step right into a pool of ignorance by making ourselves little Gods and Jesus Jr's and The Holy Trinity does not need us to do what we are incapable of doing.

Peace unto you!

In The Trenches,
Bro. T
To the people of the living and coming again Messiah I bid you one & all greetings in the name of Him whom has called us ALL to the Vineyard.

I believe in my heart that yes,

1.We have to be obediant to the Shepard where we are placed for in it we operate in the WILL of God to do what we are instructed to do.Far too many times we listen to those whom look at the performance of the word and not the action of the WORD at work in the lives in the beliver and unbeliver alike.

2. WE must live in the Spirit as well as in this earthly life to acomplish the Great Commission to do that which we have been appointed to do and here is why. We must speak the might of God unto the darkness of those whom defame it daily and if we have been told to do it at a particular place we MUST NOT MOVE!!! We are told to hold up the Banner of Christ for the darkness to witness that they arent prevailing against us in no way, shape, or fashion

3. I believe mostly that we have to take hold of the ideal that "Our gifts will make room for us" and whereever the room is, the placement of God is there. All of us must remember that we live in a time of great movement of the Word of God and he has a G.P.S. of his own for us.......Somebody is going to read this and be blessed!!.....remember that G.P.S. is Global Positioning Satilite or System. If you would be obediant to the Spirit of God and get in position, He will position you for great things!!! And if you're not careful...he will take you far above your horizons and the Prayer of Jabez will suddenly be upon you!!!!! Your territory will be expanded and your marker moved!!! SO GET INTO POSITON Child of God!!!! and watch GOD move you to where your miracle will manafest itself into the promise of God.

Yours in the Love & the Humanity of Christ,

Min.Marcel D.D. Warren
My brother, you lost me on that reply. I grasped your affirmative answer, then your three supporting statements left me wondering where the connection to the question and answer was.

In the trenches,
Bro. T
Many are Called

The Truth when Chosen The Light leads you from that point to ever lasting to everlasting
The lord of Host made all that is
ALL THAT IS if you Believe the Bible as you should

THE Gospel Of Thomas 1945 Egypt?

So You mean to say no-one knows about this find?
You Mean to say " The Alpha and Omega"
I am that I am has not lead you here?
Hello Brothers and Sisters, The Sharers of "The WORD"
What sup" Lord God, Father God: Heavenly Father God
I truly agree with you Woman of God! What do they THINK they'll see in a tape/CD? God will tell them who we are if they would just go into their prayer closet and sit at His feet. Gifts come withOUT repentance, so just because someone can preach good does not mean they're called by God!!!
Blessings to you all. This is a very interesting discission. Something that you really don't hear people talk about often. But In my opinion you must be chosen for that specific task. Often times when people are called for an engagement they go without fasting and praying. I know from experience when my ministry started I was so eager to be known but I was wondering why I wasn't being called. I had to learn that God promoted you according to your season and according to your maturity. People are so quick to accept not thinking about demonic forces that may come up against them and things of that nature. You must be ready for anything the bible says to Put on the whole armor of God. You have to be prayed up in order to minister to God's people, if you go out and say or do the wrong thing that persons blood is on your hands. I know people who are making videos to prove themselves worthy to do this and to do that but they have no power, no anointing, and no holy ghost. I got to the point one time and Im still there now to a certain extent that I don't want to do nothing as far as minister to Gods people without him doing in me what he has to do. I don't want to misrepresent God who we all know is well able to do anything, as a God who just lets anybody minister to his people. That is not the case it all is on you! If I get up and minister to somebody and the church aint getting with me or what ever the case may be im not going to blame the Devil and I surely aint going to blame God, i'm going to blame myself. I may have drifted off a little bit during this but I promise it will bless somebody.
To add what I already posted, God will sometimes use a specific person to deliver something to the body, to either bless somebody or bless themself. When a person is called/chosen that's exactly what that means. Some people weren't called to sing, preach, or whatever some people were called to be lay members, to usher, to clean, all of these are ministries in the church. When we as the body stop getting caught up on titles and positions we then won't have to worry about going to a place where we are called or not called.


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