Hi friend,i want us to discuss about this and please send your views.
The Bible says, Blessed are those who have love for  others and it goes on by saying that The most important command is "Love your neighbor or friend or any one as you love your self" .To me it sounds different.What does it mean with love as you love your self.means whatever you wish to give your body,you must wish to give your friend or neighbor.But do we realy do that?How many times have you ever gone to the supermarket to buy bread and you bought for the neighbour or a friend? How many times have you ever gone to the market to buy a good suit  and you also bought for the friend?
Remember the day you paid tuition for your son or doughtier when the neighbor,s kid was at home sitting because there is no money to pay school fees.Have you ever got concen of getting a job for any one who has no job? Brothers and sisters,we have to look at ourselves.Get some little time and memorise the past and see if we are following  God's words.
We have preaching the Gossiple but we don,t do what we say,what we tell people.we have left our Friends are suffering and yet we have the portentiel of helping them and we move saying Love one onother and yet we are not showing the example.
When Jesus was preaching, He was showing the example, when He talked of love,He could show the real Love to people.
Dear friends we need to repent,cos we can be escoting other, we don,t want to be the fire wood that will burn others,its high time that we get out of that
Thanks alot please send the views

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