This is going to be a very har subject for some. The basis of this conversation is based on discovery of popular preachers across the TV that call themselves women and men of God.

Jesus taught in the scriptures that when a man or woman is married, except for fornication, or death they cannot remarry as long as the spouse is still alive. Paul, along with Jesus, goes on to say that if that person remarries while the spouse is still alive, is an adultery and is in a continued state of adultery as long as they remain married. Many professed Christians, such as Randy and Paula White, we in such a condition, yet they are before people trying to tell others of the Love of Christ. This is wrong on so many levels until it is ridiculus. It violates the word of God on so many degrees until the devil is getting such a big laugh in deceiving people. How can a man or woman that has been divorced and remarried, calling themselves Christians, preach or teach others about the Love of God, when their lives do not demonstrate it? How can a man or woman preach or teach about thous shall not commit adultery when they are in an adulterous relationship after being divorced and remarried? Christ did not leave room in his word for a man to divorce his wife and remarry another while she is still alive. How can u call yourself a Christian, when u are in disobedience to God's word?

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Michael Tindzley. Chicago. I think your point is valid in that many have begun to major in the minor things, and not focusing on the true ministry of Christ. Lets stop giving the adversary issues which only seek to divide rather than unite, lets wake up.
The question posed, is a very good, and difficult one. What we must realize is this, that yes our leaders must meet certain qualifications. We see that moses became aggrevated by the peoples and there fore struck the rock without being told. We see where the Phariseesall gave way too the deception in which they taught. The qualifications are well established for the Christian.

By allowing so many ill qualified too become leaders we have started too fall away, it is as if some cancer has begun too eat away and defile our bodies. By allowing the ill-qualified into such positions in the Church, we have also allowed the damnable ie; homosexuals, and all other sorts of lewdness, and mockeries too enter in. It certainly must be dealt with. A good house cleaning would in most instances do well. But you know we are told too deal with it, so I thank God for his Love and Grace, and for the Word. For he did say To he that overcometh I will give..........
So let's not argue with the ignorant and unlearned, but rather with patient endurance let us run this race.
And too those of us who deceive ourselves into believing that they are in total obedience to God and his word
I will respond to the idea of "ill qualified" by point out that GOD always chose leaders that others might have found to be be "ill-qualified" by our standards.
1. Adam couldn't remember the word long enough to correct his wife in her error (henpecked).
2. Noah responded to receiving the new covenant from God after the flood by getting drunk.
3. David was a adulterer.
4. Abraham had sex with his houseservant (at his wife's behest), drove out the baby AND the Baby's momma (at his wife's behest), and then was willing to stand back and let a man hit on his wife.

In the New Testament, Jesus did not provide qualifications for leadership, only that the persons believe and be willing to be taught. PAUL, (who often spoke as himself, not as a mouthpiece for God) is who we have to thank for the concept of a loosely objective standard for who qualifies for leadership and who doesn't. Personally, I believe that we should leave the "qualifying" up to God, because He sees the person he has chosen in way we cannot (and often will not because we then we won't have anything to hold over a person's head like their financial contribution and their marriage status).

I grow weary of the in-fighting between ministers about who is qualified and who isn't. If they are of God or not, is not the question. The question is what would a non-beleiver (which is who we have been called to minister to in the first place) say if he or she read the posts on these pages? Is there any wonder the Church is not growing (conversion-centric group), but rather just going through a period of membership re-shuffling)? Let God judge, and let us focus only on sharing His goodness. People don't fall away because of "ill qualified" teaching (The church of Thessalonica had already started experience such falling away in the time of Paul), but because we as preachers are majoring in the minors.

Trying to spread His peace.

Pastor Scott McGregor
Yes, you love the person (natural) but not the sin (lifestyles).

Remember, we all have choices to make. Rather, we agree with them are not. Our job is not to judge but to show love the way Christ would to win his or her soul.

If we are true believer's of JESUS THE CHRIST, then we will go into spiritual warfare (battlefield) on their behalf.
My question: Where are the intercessors? The real Soldier's!

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Maxcina
Ecclesiastes3:8) A time too love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
Like it or not that is what is stated in the Word of God. Your thoughts on my pic. and what another man believed or whatever is of no-mind too me, stick too the forum and that shall be sufficient. And by the way This is about Marriage and Divorce, are you either?
Sorry but I cannot speak for what the Maury show teaches.
James 1:27) Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
Not good religion, Pure religion. Not to be funny, but I do not recall saying that I have a hangup with anyone.
And nor have I ever heard that the God in which we serve gives D>N>A> testing, but one thing that I do know
You can qoute as many scriptures as you want, but they are not fruitful unless we take them in context. I know that you care deeply for the Word!!! No doubt about it. But since you do, use it properly. How would you feel if someone took what you said and twisted it all up to make their own points? Do you think God likes when you do that? What you are doing is rattling off scriptures out of context to back up what you're saying and then acting as if it's the will of God. We are not commanded to hate anyone! No where, as I stated, JESUS commands that we love God and our neighbor. This is the essence of the Law, and the essence of Christianity.
Yes, trees are known by there fruit, and no tree tapped into the true vine, no tree planted by hte waters, no tree in God's vineyard can produce hatred, that's not godly. How can you hate someone and enjoy God's grace? Am I misunderstanding you? How can you be a professed Christian and harbor hate? That makes you no different than the KKK? I hope I am misunderstanding you?

As for my relational status I am neither, for this reason all of my comments have been tangental comments based upon how we ought treat one another. For me divorce and remarriage are mute issues. I understand both sides. I am not an advocate of breaking up just cause things aren't honkey dorey, but I also don't advocate a sister staying in a house where she's being tormented. My reason for this is Calvary. I intend to marry sonner than later and my intent is that this is a one time deal! For better or for worse till death part us. Maybe we'll make our vow till the Lord part us!
As for the pic, nah I can't recant what I said. It's nothing to gripe about just me being me. In my cultural climate one is not permited to represent or wear something they aren't sufficiently knowedgeable about. I'm Greek and well if you wear them letters you better know what they mean! So I just carried that philosphy over into other areas of life. I stop folks and discuss their crosses with them so don't be allarmed. It's a free country. do what you will, but in all honesty you greive my heart speaking of hate when you have King as your profile pic. Just being honest, if the church folk won't who will?
Keep living and you'll learn. You like too show what you know, and then don't understand. One thing you must know is that we must stop being ourselves. Greek, Whatever! And the way you come too understanding is not by thinking and being taught. Tell me Who it is that I hate?
The Bible teaches us too be seperate, like I said before keep living and you will learn more.
Yes, the Bible tells us to separate ourselves. But, it never told us to hate those who are different. We are to pray to get understanding of the situation and win them to Christ through love and respect.

Its the sin you are suppose to hate.

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Maxcina
Ecclesiastes3:8) A time too love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

The real explaination of this text: Deals with the natural and the spiritual. You love the person but you hate the sin. You must take dominion (control) but then its time to be still.

James 1:27) Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

Let's example this scripture: This mean that we should not conformed to the ways of this world (pollute ourselves) but transform the world (Christians values based on the laws given in the Bible).

Another way of saying this is: We should commit ourselves to Christ's ethical and moral system, not the world's. We are not to adapt to the world's value system, which is based on money, power, and pleasure.

We must stop the contamination and live the lifestyle GOD has called us to.

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Maxcina
it's unfortionate that men and women of god are out here teaching the word of god in that way and are living in a basket of sin. so this is why we have so many people living out side the well of god because here we have the poeple in the pulpit living in a basket of sin sending all these demonic spirit all over the place i was just saying the same thing you are talking about to my soon to be ex-husband who is a minister all so he wrote book called jesus and the crackhead. he just left me for a crackhead with 7 children, and asked him how are you out answering your phone hello tis is minster gary how may i help you and your sinning all over the place. don't get me wrong the book is good but how do you speak the word of god and sin against the word of god all at the same time. it like the demonic forces are just all over the place and that's a given anyway but it shouldn't be coming from people who call themselves men and women of god. he didn't give me an answer because there is no answer maybe someone out there can get an answer from him 414-610-4304. because now my life has been devastated i was called to be a women of god but now what do i do. i feel you on this one . i'm devastated by sin just think what all those lost soul that we are suppose to be saving are feeling. that demonic force just came in my home and took it a apart . pray my strength


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