This is going to be a very har subject for some. The basis of this conversation is based on discovery of popular preachers across the TV that call themselves women and men of God.

Jesus taught in the scriptures that when a man or woman is married, except for fornication, or death they cannot remarry as long as the spouse is still alive. Paul, along with Jesus, goes on to say that if that person remarries while the spouse is still alive, is an adultery and is in a continued state of adultery as long as they remain married. Many professed Christians, such as Randy and Paula White, we in such a condition, yet they are before people trying to tell others of the Love of Christ. This is wrong on so many levels until it is ridiculus. It violates the word of God on so many degrees until the devil is getting such a big laugh in deceiving people. How can a man or woman that has been divorced and remarried, calling themselves Christians, preach or teach others about the Love of God, when their lives do not demonstrate it? How can a man or woman preach or teach about thous shall not commit adultery when they are in an adulterous relationship after being divorced and remarried? Christ did not leave room in his word for a man to divorce his wife and remarry another while she is still alive. How can u call yourself a Christian, when u are in disobedience to God's word?

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Thank you Dr Gadsden for you heart felt message. I know I have so much baggage I carry around and have tried the counselor route in the past. I just remember as a child how I promised that I wouldn't do what I saw being done and I turn around and do the same thing. I came from a broken home and I did the same thing. I ran the streets looking to ease my pain that never stopped just prolonged my personal suffering. I don't want pity or anything because I'm the one that did what was done. I made a promise to a Minister that I would take care of his daughter and 17 years later I failed. I'm so afraid of this thing called realtionship until I run because I know I will mess things up. You just don't know what I'm saying my beautiful caring Sister. I've not been a good son, brother, father or husband. Not because I didn't want to be but for things involved in my youth I've been estranged from my first family and just survive off memories and have become comfortable but not happy in that. I know I need to stop beating myself up as so many tell me including my children, parents and everyone but what do you do when you can't. The thing is I feel I've let God down though I know He loves me. Just an old mixed up man still trying to grow up and find out life and God. Sorry for all this and I'm out. Peace and love.

You are carrying Generational Curse which is not your responsiblity. You have to chose to be free from your PAST or be BINDED UP BY THE EVILS of it. You have allow the enemy to set up camp in you. You eye gate is open, your mouth gate is open, your ear gate is open and your mind gate is open. When are you going to close those gates and allow God to walk through the door of your HEART? Let His blood flow for deliverence so you can be free.

John, its time for you to break free and stop Satan and the Demons from controling you.

Please let go and let God free you.

This is my last response!

Be Bless amd Strength my brother as you heal!
I am sorry to hear that you feel so strongly against the divorce and remarriage amongst Christians today. Even though I truly understand your concern I believe your harshness and judgment is a bit much. How can you judge a Christian's relationship with God based on a single event that you may know little about? You probably know just as much as I do, that they have announced they are getting divorced. You have not walked in their shoes, neither have you been married to either one. Therefore, you have no idea what they are dealing with. From what I have learned as a Christian is that we should be compassionate towards one another no matter the circumstance. It is so easy to point the fingers at others when they make a mistake. Is God not a forgiving God? Is He not able to forgive the sins of others as He has forgiven you? Are you the only person living on this earth that is without sin or have been totally obedient to God in all that He has asked of you? Is He the one who brings about judgment? I believe that is one of the reasons why it is so hard for sinners to come to the Church for direction. They see the way we are so judgmental and hard on our own brothers and sisters to where they feel if they come to the Church they will get treated the same, if not worse.

If you go back in the history of the Bible you will see that many men and women of God, disobeyed Him but that doesn't take away from the fact that they were Christians. God knows our hearts and we are not saved due to our "works." If God can speak through the mouth of a donkey, you don’t think He can speak through the mouth of a divorcee?
I had said I would not enter into this discussion again after my last entry..... However God is leading me to make this brief comment. There seems to be a lot of emotional lashing out in reference to this topic. Here are the facts; God uses people who have committed sins; and who still commits sin.......

God used:

Abraham who tried to give his wife away twice; Abraham was also married to Saraii his half-sister. Abraham is the father of the Judeo-Christian faith.

God used Isaac who also lied that his wife was his own to save his life

God used Jacob who stole his brother's birthright.

God used Jacob's son Judah who had sex with his daughter inlaw.

God used Tamar who slept with her father inlaw Judah in order to become impregnated.

Rahab the prostitute was used by God to produce Boaz.

David the adulterer and murderer was used and loved by God; "David was touted biblically as a man after God's Own heart.

God used Solomon who had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubine to build the temple; and endowed him with more wisdom than any other person in the Hebrew bible.

God used Peter who was a liar, used foul language and had violent proclivities.

God used the Son's of thunder who wanted to burn up a whole city because of the city didn't receive Jesus or his disciples.

God used Paul who was a murderer and persecutor of Christians.

My point being to all that would jump on people who have sinned whether it be divorce outside the context of scripture or some other sin. Divorce is not an unforgivable sin......... if God can use a jackass to warn a prophet; a filthy mouth crow to feed a preacher..... a contemptuous woman who sperned Jesus at the well, to save a city; a reluctant Jonah who embittered carried the Word of God to a city and had a 100% alter call......................... Then most certainly God can use a man or a woman to reach God's people irregardless of how their marriages ended. One of the greatest sins is to judge............................ the bible teaches "Judge not lest ye be judged and by the same measure that you judge; that measure shall be used to judge you."

With a little more self examination; a little more love and compassion for eachother; a little more study, meditation, reflection and prayer...................................... this could be a dynamic site...... to encourage all Believers.

Finally, There is no man nor woman serving God today that is sin free....... Be encouraged to all who are serving God and don't be entangled with the yoke of condemnation by those who have not thoroughly dealt with their own issues; and by those who have not thoroughly researched the biblical text and come up with sound hermeneutic and exegesis.

Tidbit for thought................................. Jesus was not and is not a Christian........... that term wasn't coined until about 200yrs after Jesus's death. According to the NT Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham in Heaven, and neither of these people were Christians................................. before I ignite another controversy, I am not suggesting that you don't need to be a Christian to be saved..................... I am merely trying to point out that using the title Christian doesn't mean that you have the virtues of Christ. It is a given that Christ hung out with sinners, healed sinnners and freed those caught in the act of adultery and etc.

How many Christians are striving to be encouragers, lovers of saints and sinners, loving, forgiving, patient, kind, long suffering, not prone to gossip, not conditional with love, and all the other qualities that are attributed to God, Christ and those who say they immulate Jesus "The Christ" in their walk, in their talk, in their thoughts.

God Bless You all..................... I hope this will encourage, edify and if need be convict.....................

Shalom, Rev. Wendell Leon Jackson, M.Div.
that helped because everyting happens for a reason and i,m not judging my husband until he is delivered he won,t be right, because god still uses me. the devil is a lie because he can,t have me. but when you make vows to god you should keep them because once you know the word and are called of god you should be obedient to his word. the bible did speak of false prophets.and we who know the word are awareof it. many are called few are chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all i can is i don,t know because i' m going through this right now!! my husband who calls his self a minister, oh yes forgot tell you he asked me what the anointing meant and is in milwaukee holding drug seminars, refused to hear some young preachers preach because they didn,t put him on the program, won,t get under someone who can teach him how to be whatever god called him to be, just straight abandoned me after six months of marriage because he didn't understand the concept of paying bills and taking care of home so i would love to hear someone tell me why is everybody leaning on to their own understanding and not what god says, i love the concept of love and marriage it's the first thing god put together, after the whole world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know where that leaves me, because i'm also a minister.
First lets look at the definition of adultery second the viewpoint in the pauline epistles you cant make someone love you and my bible tells me in the case of one leaving and loosing the bond of marriage by fornication etc.....along with the mercy and grace of God would it not be permissable to remarry? I cant comment on someone else but for me I was in the world married and divorced will remarry in July 2008. covered by the blood of Jesus two individuals will come together become one flesh in Christ Jesus. King David committed the sin of adultery and Jesus christ himself quoted many scriptures from the psalmist. i dont condone adultery but if god changes you and can use you for his purpose. It would seem to me that the divorced or fornicator.......(strongs definition of adultury) would be forgiven and be able to teach, preach and be used in whatever since God sees fit.
Reverend, first you cant make someone stay. if someone desires to break the bond of marriage and calls themselves spiritual I would haft to question their sprituality. What are the biblical reasons for SAVED individuals to get divorced? I cant put my spouse in chains and make them stay in a marriage that they dont want to be in. But if both parties are christians, if both parties came together in christ, If you can make it work fix it. but the key is to be on one accord yoked together. God gave every man a conscience what you can handle the next man may not be able to handle. The institute of marriage is not designed for divorce. but how can you make them stay when they dont want to. Prayer can change any situation, as a man of God we know that our steps have been ordered. The advice i could give when it seems eminent that the relationship will fail and Its alright with your Soul. Step back and let the vinedresser prune the branches so they can grow back or be thrown away.
I agree!


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