This is going to be a very har subject for some. The basis of this conversation is based on discovery of popular preachers across the TV that call themselves women and men of God.

Jesus taught in the scriptures that when a man or woman is married, except for fornication, or death they cannot remarry as long as the spouse is still alive. Paul, along with Jesus, goes on to say that if that person remarries while the spouse is still alive, is an adultery and is in a continued state of adultery as long as they remain married. Many professed Christians, such as Randy and Paula White, we in such a condition, yet they are before people trying to tell others of the Love of Christ. This is wrong on so many levels until it is ridiculus. It violates the word of God on so many degrees until the devil is getting such a big laugh in deceiving people. How can a man or woman that has been divorced and remarried, calling themselves Christians, preach or teach others about the Love of God, when their lives do not demonstrate it? How can a man or woman preach or teach about thous shall not commit adultery when they are in an adulterous relationship after being divorced and remarried? Christ did not leave room in his word for a man to divorce his wife and remarry another while she is still alive. How can u call yourself a Christian, when u are in disobedience to God's word?

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Thank you, Pastor McGregor
Also my sister, FORGIVE your husband and the other.
Please explain your comment.

I do not need to forgive my husband (natural) because I am not married. Forgive the other? What does this mean?

Currently, I am married to Jesus the Christ. I am one of the Brides.

What I sent was scripture references to help those of us who are struggling with this topic of DIVORCE - Will God forgive us if we get one, etc.....

God does not like divorce but He will never allow or tell anyone to stay in a situation that is harmful to them. If your mind and your soul are black from the hurt and the pain. How are you going to hear from God? You can not hear when your ear-gates, eye-gates, mouth -gate are closed (blocked) because you chose to stay in a relationship that is harmful to you.

God could be telling you not to marry this person or to leave this person. We are not God and can not speak for Him, only God and His word will give you instructions in your life not man opinion.

We should not twist the word to justify our wrongs in our relationships.

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Maxcina
Dr. , The comment was not for you, rather for the sister who's Husband has done her wrong. She commented earlier before your comments, I do believe. No I am not twisting the word, Just reading her comments, Tells that she has been hurt, and is bitter from it. Forgiveness is a very powerful part of our healing process. The Master himself spoke of it quite often.

Yes God will forgive us if we get one, why wouldn,t he?
I apologize if I said anything too offend you personaly, my post was not intended along those lines. I do however agree with what you wrote, all i was doing was expounding on it, For yes we can Know what the Bible says about the subject, yet we must also comprehend what too do in situations that are beyond our control. There are many men in abusive relationships also. And when one is done wrong, in order too stay grounded in Christs will, we must be able too forgive.

With Love,
Min. West
This is all I'm going to say about all this and it's not coming from me! So for all of us that have something to say about others read this and then think about it. Matt 12:31 - 33 and let Jesus tell us all and not us tell it. Bless you all.
Matt 12:31-33

These scriptures are dealing with blasphemed against the Spirit by attributing the power by which Christ did miracles to Satan (12:24) instead of the Holy Spirit. This is known as a unpardonable sin which is deliberate refusal to acknowledge God power in Christ.

Matt 12:31-33 Also talks about the hardness of the heart. Only those who turn their backs on God and reject all faith have any need to worry. Jesus said, they can't be forgiven - not because their sin is worse than anyone else, but because they never ask for forgiveness.

Whosever rejects the promptimg of the Holy Spirit removes himself or herself from the only force that can lead him or her to repentance and restoration to God.

Now, if you get a Divorce from your spouse, you should repent and be restored. If another mate comes along then make sure he or she is God sent not flesh sent.

Grace and Peace
Dr. Maxcina
That's what is meant so all others are pardonable and we need to stop attacking those that have been divorced because it doesn't mean they won't be forgiven and not allowed in the Kingdom. Jesus said (not me) there is only one sin not pardonable. I don't think anyone goes into a marriage and expects divorce, I know I didn't and to this day I can't forgive myself for it but I know God does forgive me. So when others throw stones my way they better not be in a glass house. May God's Grace and Mercy be with you always.

Personally, I am not throwing stones at you or anyone else. I am not your judge. That is between you and God.

Now, I am going to ask you a question? How can you ask God to forgive you and you have not forgive yourself? whatever you have done in the past its over. You got to heal, so God can move.

Grace and PEACE,
Dr. Maxcina
No, no, no Dr Gadsden, I wasn't insinuating that you were talking about me at all. Sorry for my confusion. I was making that statement for those that feel if you have been married and divorced and now married you can't tell about love for God. And I know God forgives me and what I'm saying it's hard for me to forgive myself and I wish I could explain or understand that but that's what it is and I ask God to help me with this every single day. I'm just not as good and perfect like God and there are some things that's easier said than done. I'm strong but weak. Take care.
Thank you for being concern. I apologize for missing reading your remarks.

I totally agree with you Min. West on the abuse which takes place in relationships. Now the question, how can we break this CURSE?

Grace and Peace
Dr. Maxcina
I am glad to here that you are seeking Spiritual counseling from God to help you with your Divorce. If you are still dealing with your past mistakes and it is affecting you; I suggest that you go to a Christian Counselor (Male figure).

I know its hard for men to seek mental help but we all need some help. John go to the Counselor, so you can get on with your life and see what God has for you.

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Maxcina


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