Pisteuo as to Pistis Pisteuo 248 times and means.
1.To be persuaded of.(Rom.4:17-22; 8:38-39 2Tim.1:12)
2.Place confidence in(Eph.3:12 Phil.1:6 Heb.3:6,12-14;10:35 1Jn.3:21;5:14)
3.The substance of conviction of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen.(Heb.10:19-38;11:1,6 Rom.4:17;8:24)
4.Absolute dependence upon and reliance in the Word of God and of Christ.(Mt.8:8-10;15:28,Rom.10:17 Heb.11:1-12; 3)
5.Full surrender ,yieldness and obedience to all known truth.(Rom.1:5,16,26; 6:11-23 Jas.2:14-26 2Cor.10:4-7 Heb.11:6)
6.Trust wholly and un reservedly in the faithfulness of God.(Mt.6:25-34,12:21 Luke 12:28-31 Eph.1:13 1Tim.4:11;6:17 1Cor.10:13)
7.Give one’s self over to a new way of life.(Rom.1:17;6:11-23;8:1-16 2Cor.10:4-7 Gal.5:16-26 Col.3:5-10 Heb.12:1-15 Tit.2:11-14 1Jn.1:7 2:6 3:8-10 4:17 5:1-5,18)
8.The attribute of God and restored faculty of man, whereby both can bring into existence things that are not seen.(Rom.4:17 Gal.5:22 Mt.17:20,21:22 Mk.9:23,11:22-24 Lk.17:6 Heb.11)
9.The whole body of truth reveled.(Lk.18:3 Jude 3 Rom.10:17 1Tim.4:1,6; 6:10 2Tim.3:16-17)
10.Joyful faith in, and acceptance of Christ as the substitute for sin, and our Savior, Whereby one receives salvation.(Mk.16:16 Acts.4:12,10:43Rom.1:16 3:24-31 Eph.2:8-9 access into grace Rom.5:2fulfillment of the promises Heb.6:12 The Holy Spirit Gal.3:14 righteousness Rom.4; 9:30,32 10:6 Phil.3:9 Sonship Gal.3:26 Healing Jas.5:14-16 1Pet.2:24 Eternal life Jn.3:15-18,36 5:24 6:47 and answers to every prayer Mt.7:7-11; 21:21 Mk.11:22-24 Mk.18:1-8 Jn.14:12-15,15:7,16)
The word believeth denotes the act and Process of Faith and is the present tense of “Pistis” faith and must be continued in to get it’s benefits.(Acts.14:22 Eph.6:16 Col.1:23 2:5-7 1Th.5:8 1Tim.2:15 3:9 6:12 2Tim.3:8 4:7 Tit.1:13 Heb.10:23-38 2Pet.1:5-10)
It can be Lost(Lk.8:13 1Tim.1:19 4:1 5:8,12 6:10,21;2Tim.2:18 3:8 Jude 3 Rev.2:13

Confidence, faithfulness, trust pledge of good faith used 244 times, Translated belief.(2Th.2:13 fidelity Tit2:10 assurance Acts.17:31 and faith 239 times Heb.11:1-39 12:2 etc.. Here it means fidelity or faithfulness in contrast to the Lord who is faithful(2Th.3:2-3).

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Hey, how are you. Pisteuo and Pistis are actually the same word, just different word forms. Pisteuo means "I believe", or "I have faith". The omicron, or the letter o at the end of the word is the Greek personal pronoun "I". Pistis is the verb form for believe, or faith. But they are actually the same word.
Like since sense cents scents,yes you are right but they carry a different understanding how they are used no???
hey bro, how are you?

Understanding still follows with the meaning of the word. Those words mean the same thing, but they are just in different word forms.

For example: Apostolos & Apostolon. These may seem like they have different meanings, but they actually both mean apostle. The differences are that Apostolos is a nominative case word, and apostolon is an accusative case word.

In Greek, you would speak the word apostolos in the subject(nominative), and apostolon in the predicate place(accusative)

By the way, sense, cents, and scents are 100%, totally, different words(laugh). Sense deals with common sense, cents deals with pennis, and scents deals with your smell.

Greek is an awesome language to learn. Its more exact in expression than english. I recommend "basics of biblical greek grammar by william mounce"
Hey bro ,I am blessed and highly favoured,and yes you are totally correct,and thank you for the recommendation.I am trying to paroxusmos some people into reading their bible more.That is why all the scripture that follows.Amen!!!


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