Praise Him,
It is something so wonderful and refreshing about a New Day. It is such a
blessing to be allowed to see another day.The greatest comfort is knowing
that the Lord is with us, regardless to any circumstances. He has our
backs, and always our best interest at heart.God is love, that means that
He is always loving us all the time.That love grows daily beyond
measures, and is matchless, constant, and consistent.God is so
Faithful, so True, and He is Perfect in all of His Ways. He is
so Magnificent, that even His Corrections are good!
Under The Shadow Of The All Mighty God" is the perfect place to be. It is the Deep , the most intimate, and greatest Refuge. Beneath His shadow is the "Secret Place", where only you and the Lord meet. It is the road also where His Restoration meets our exhaustion, His Living Water saturates our thirst, His Joy dispels our sadness, His Healing is medicine for our sickness, His Balming comforts our soul, God's "Perfect Peace" conquers our confusion, His Balance, and Stability meets our shakiness, and our instability, His Trust chases away our worry,His Marvelous Light, triumph's over our darkness, The Lord's "More Than Enough" is plenteous in our emptiness, and under His Shadow is an Endless Supply of whatever we need, because He is "Our Sufficiency". Have a Great Day Today! Relax your mind and soul! Enter into "God's Rest"

Shalom Always! Your Friend Renee
P.S. Thank you so much for all of the beautiful graphics, I greatly appreciate them and they always make my day. I will be in touch soon. Live everyday regardless to the circumstances all around you, in expectation and with expectation!
Prophetess Renee Weeks

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Certainly the psalmist agrees with you, "One thing have I desired of the Lord, and that will I seek..." The dwelling place of God is a Sacred place where we are able to ponder the graces of God on our lives. It is a Secret place where we can be refreshed and renewed from the struggles behind and refreshed for the struggles ahead. And it is a Secure place where even though we are surrounded by enemies, we are lifted above their attacks. Bless you.


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