The Creative Ages
Original creation made perfect and inhabited(Isa.45:18)
The world that then was(2Pet.3:5-8).

Dateless Past(Pr.8:22-23 Jn.1:1 Acts.15:18 Eph.3:9 Col.1:18 Heb.1:10;11:3 1Jn.1:1 Rev.1:6 3:14).

Vs 1 is the introduction to the whole Bible, and all history for it marks the boundary between Time and Eternity.
It is not a summarized statement of what is to follow,
For it mentions heaven first, while the following verses
Mention the earth first(Job.38:4-7)makes it clear that the heavens were created first else the stars could not have rejoiced when the earth was created. This proves that verse 1 refers to prior acts of God and the verses which follow refer to the earth under a flood and judgment. And then restored to a second habitable state, As before the curse of verse 2.
Heb. Bara-create-defined(1:1)
Heb. Bara, To bring into being(Heb.11:3) used 7 times in Gen.1-2 All other places made and make are used. Thus proving the 6 days work to be mainly re-constructive. In Gen 1:1 the universe is brought into existence; in Gen.1:21 Sea creatures are created; in Gen.1:28 man is created. Thus Bara is reserved for the introduction of the three great spheres of existence.
1.The world of matter.
2.Natural life as in all living creatures.
3.And Spiritual life represented by man.
See blog on original creations
Earth defined 1:1
Called dry land(v10) Thus proving the earth was created dry and later became submerged in water because of sin(v2 Ps.104:5-9 2Pet.3:5-9).I am going to mess up all you have been taught by Man Are You Ready?
The Sin of Lucifer and the pre-Adamites (Isa. 14:12-14 Jer.4:23-26 Ezek.28:11-17 Lk.10:19).Pray about what you receive.
Use of And in Gen.1-2(1:2)
And is used in 148 times in Gen.1-2 to separate the 102 recorded independent acts of God.v2 is as independent of v1 as to time and subject matter, as all the other separate acts of God.v1refers to the whole universe being created and inhabited in the dateless past. While v2 refers to chaos because of sin.
V3-31 picture the restoration of the earth as before chaos. And it’s second habitation with present man and the new earth and water creatures brought into being about 6,000 years ago.
Lucifer’s Flood (1:2)
This flood was more devastating and lasted longer than Noah’s flood for it destroyed even vegetation (Gen.2:5-6 Jer.4:23-26) While the 1 yr and 17 days of Noah’s did not(Gen.8:11,22 9:3).
There is no conflict between science and the Bible. Real scientific discoveries must be distinguished from theories, however science especially geology is still in it’s infancy and the testimony of rocks uncertain. True statements of God’s word must also be distinguished from Man’s interpretation of them(mine included).
When men finally agree on the age of the earth, Then place the many years (over the historical 6,000) between Gen.1:1 and 1:2 there will be no conflict between the book of Genesis and Science.

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