I am going to be rather brief with the discussion because frankly I am not open to a dialogue about this but I am going to humble myself. The past month I have spent in DC where two of my young people were shot, another young person and her 4 year old son was killed in a domestic violent situation; the people who need ministry are crying out for direction to the true and living God. In the parallel, I am telling my clergy associates that I am not interested in the exploits of Juanita Bynum. All press is good press - so I plan to keep this brief. I am not open to discussing what, if, or why, but I pray that God be glorified - family should get help and help as they are willing to get some. I believe, again, that family is sacred, and always shall be. Please pray for Mrs. Weeks and please allow us to continue to do the work of the kingdom because while we are supporting foolishness the people who need the support to help those who need to know Jesus is real are not getting support at all. I need some financial support to help the families that seek me for support but on every website I see a DVD or CD of someone who is not giving to the kingdom in a viable way at this time. Please pray with me - I welcome your comments.

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My sister,
I as well as the body of Christ hear you, (if they have ears) But one thing is needful. THE WORD!
While the so-called leaders of these various ministries are busy running around the country, the state the world. people right on our own blocks, right next door need the SALVATIONof the LORD. While so- much is being taght and thought and so-called revealed, the message that JESUS SAVES is somewhat swept under the rug.
Doctrines on FORGIVENESS, GIVING, LOVE, TRUTH, which have been and always will be synonomous with CHRIST and his KINGDOM.
It does not take so much giving of ones money, it takes a willing spirit. GOD PLACES HIS TREASURES IN EARTHEN VESSELS. so let us continue too pray for the BODY as a whole. A nd in everything we do , continue to lean on the LORD.
My brethren, we do not have too look for the vineyard in which to work in, For right outside our very own doors, in-fact in some of our own houses there is work too be done.
Minister Adrian L. West Sr.
Money answers all things. As for me working in ministry for the past 15 years it is financing that I need as I continue in the vineyard. Please keep New Beginnings Ministries in your prayers. Thank you. Rev. Wanda
I don't have no money, and when I go too my friends they all act funny, that's why I am holding in too JESUS
For I have found out, a long time ago he's everything I need.
When my life get's a little shaky, he let's me know that I can make it, Lord I'm holding in too JESUS, for I found out a long, long time ago, he's everything I need.
He gave me legs to walk, and a tongue too talk, gave mine eyes too see,and everytime it seems like I ain't gone make it he always comes through for me, He's every, every, everything that I need, he's everything I need.
yes he is, I tried him for myself one day, and I found out he's everything that i need
I've got food to eat some people can't say that today, I've got shoes on my feet, I've got clothes too wear
and whenever I'm in despair, He's everything tha i need.
The Lord I have tried him and am able too stand and tell it today he's everything that I need, trust him and you'll find out he's everything that you need. He's a constant help in times of trouble JESUS he's everything that you need.
Pilgrim Wonders (1993) album the Time Is Now)
In these last and eveil days The Gos[el of the Kingdom must be preached.
I am not saying that money is not needed, continue too plant and another shall water and God shall give the increase.
Alot of times God tears down to rebuild, look towards the hills from which cometh your help all of your help comes from the Lord,
Sister there are pletheras of money out there you just have too get it,
Be encouraged for what you are going through is only going too make you stronger.
Patient endurance is needed in hard times, What you need GOD's got it!.
Do you know the hymn Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus?
The enemy tries too make us believe alot of times that we need more than we have, but it's all lies.
Patience is needed to stay focused, and humbled, in order too continue in this battle
Endurance is needed to finish the course which we have started, you have too go all the way in order too conquer.
All press is not good press, When you deal with snakes, know they are snakes.
Remember he's everything that you need.
If you ask it shall be given, ASK THE LORD WITH NOTHING WAVERING
Thank you and I stand in total agreement with you. Thank you for taking the time to minister to me.


Rev. Wanda
With man it's impossible, with God all things are possible.
Not me sister I give it all to him, continue too fight for the right,
and know it's all in love

with Love,
Minister West


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