I was one of original members on this page and I am glad that God moved on our Brother Minister Jones to create it. I have watched it grow at a phenomenal rate, and there are many individuals expressing many opinions on it.

I am disturbed, however, by the animosity expressed in some of the posts that I have both read and "discussions" I have been a part of. I have seen laymen (non-clergy) use this site to bash seminarians. I have seen preachers use everything but out and out profanity to tear each other down. I have seen preachers publish outright lies about other preachers in certain forums, and then not apologize when shown their error.

Have you ever stopped to think what the unsaved/unchurched would think if they were to read some of these posts? As we play the spiritual "dozens" with each other, those folks (these are the ones Christ came for, remember?), are changing the channel and worshipping Allah, trees, whales and everything else. This the equivalent of patients showing up at the hospital with a gaping headwound to find that the doctors and nurses are too arguing about lunch breaks to treat them.

We need to grow up and let God do His thing and we do ours,and leave each other alone. If there is a person/move/organization that is not of God, it will come to nothing. All of those preachers that we are calling everything but their name will be judged for their actions, as well as any lives that have been destroyed in the process. Grown-ups make their own decisions how to seek God for their lives. If someone approaches us, then we should show them the love of God, and let vengeance be His and His alone. Agree or disagree, THIS is a conversation we need to have.

Pastor Scott McGregor

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I have to admit that I am in serious agreement with you, and at the same time myself may also be guilty of what you have stated. I really like to voice my opinion at times, most of the time it is refuted and that really doesn't matter to me.
But one thing will remain true and that is my love for my fellowman.
Be most assured I have taken what you have said too heart.
God bless you, my brother.
My sister,

Thank you for your response. You speak for many of us who have felt out of place, not with the Lord, but with His people.

Pastor Scott McGregor
Religion is one of those topics that always elicits a rise out of folks. No excuses though, but i believe that the nature of the topics we discuss has a lot to do with the hostility. Also when fols are rebuked or challenged many get upset. In addition, I believe that the manner in which we discuss is often times misinterpreted. We live in a society which is vastly less literate and much more oral, and our inability to communicate as usual leaves us to fill in gaps. Simply said there is no way to tell if I have been mad at say Bro. X or is Bro. X may be mad at me. It's just hard to tell by reading what may read harsh may not have been intended nor in actuality harsh.

Personally speaking, I've swung my sword several times. I often disagree, I try not to be disagreeable however, but I am of the fold of folks who are godly enough to fuss without falling out, and I believe, nah I know the same holds true with the folks I've been in debate with. I feel like I know them. I can not testify of the other heinous things you've mentioned, but I can affirm your prohpetic post. Thanks for calling us to accountability and repentance.
Brother Minister,

i can speak of things that I seen and said, so the post applies to me as well. Thanks you for your (as usual) thoughtful response.

Pastor Scott McGregor
My fellow brother you are utmost correct ,and if I have said anything to offend or incorrect it is my prayer in the name of Jesus that aplogize and pray that you all would forgive me,restore me back to the fold and show me the err of my way so that these mistakes will not be made again according to the word of God not man,I humbly submit this to my brothers and sisters in christ and sinners if there be any.
I also offer my apology for a late response on this topic. One of the negative traits of the Pharasees was to promote themselves by putting others down. We must guard against the tendency of inviting others to the table with the express intention of "setting them up" for unspiritual critique and scrutiny. At the same time, If I continue in my effort to become more Christlike, I must not avoid coming to the table. Our Lord knew quite well, the ulterior motive behind his invitation to the Pharisee's table. Yet, without hesitation, He accepted and went any way. They questioned and criticized him for eating with people that in their minds, a good Rabbi should never be seen with. These religious leaders would have never invited some of the people Jesus hung around to their table. So the very presence of a man with dropsy only indicates even more a set up. Jesus came to eat and they were there to "watch" evaluate and entrap him. If he ignored the man with dropsy, they could spread the word that He really did not care about suffering and sick people. If he healed the man, thier case against him for ignoring the Law would be strengthened. Either way, the results would be an exercise in Character defamation. There are some of us on this site that have experienced victories in Christ via ways different from others on this site. If some of us have achieved victory in Jesus by methods different than mine, I praise God. If you are now not "sick", you don't require The PHYSICIAN. But do not ever nurse the mistaken idea that The physician has to prescribe a routine remedy for every sickness. Don't limit our great God to a method that appeases your taste. He still moves in ways mysterious and higher than our thoughts and actions. Besides, the Lord knows whose sick and he goes to those who are in need of a doctor. Thats what he told the Pharisees and by going to their tables he revealed his desire to heal the sickness in them. JMS
God bless you Pastor Scott. My name is Pastor Melvin and I am a fairly new member here. I have enjoyed many of the blogs, comments, discussions and connections I have witnessed or have been a part of on this sight, and I believe that in the end it is still a good thing you have started here. But I do also see your point and the bible bashng that you have witnessed. I have been in a few discussions in my short tenure here, and I want to be first to apologize if I have conducted myself unseemingly towards anyone else. You are right. I would not want unbelievers or even believers saying unprofitable things about the Church, God, or ministry because of me. I do not want to be an embarassment to the Kingdom. I think that with the trafficking in of all the different ideals, logics, beliefs and philosophies crossing paths on this cyber-map of information, we like mediocre, ordinary everyday generic walmart brand people are not invincible against or impermeable to road rage. I read in the paper just two days ago of a 71 year-old preacher who pulled a gun out on a man during a road rage incident. Road rage aint no joke. Let us learn to drive carefully and respectfully. I know that the road that leads to righteousness and life is narrow, but there is still yet room on it for all of us. I think we need to respect one another, and the several paths in life that God has called us to individually, then we can meet up at the same destination collectively later, which God has predetermined already. In the end, all the roads if they are ordered by the Lord leads to the same destination. Again, I am sincerely sorry, and hope to govern myself with diplomacy and kindness, as an ambassador for Christ should.
Pastor Mel.


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